5 Ways to Guarantee Your Solar Panels Operate at Their Optimum

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Solar panels are an effective way to cut your carbon footprint as well as your expenses. The solar panels must operate at an optimum level to exploit the available solar energy.

There are a few hacks to ensure the optimum output from the solar panels. This article highlights five various methods of solar panel optimization.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Solar Panels

1. Use high-efficiency Solar Panels

Using solar panels that are right for your requirements is a battle half-won!

Some solar panels are cheaper, while some offer higher watts per square foot for more price. You have to open the spreadsheet and calculate the figures before a purchase.

The goal is to reduce your electricity bills. Therefore, act wisely before purchasing solar panels and ensure you are getting the cheapest electricity from a reputable manufacturer. Low-cost solar panels with fewer energy outputs might be uneconomical.

2. Make sure the solar panels are clean

Make sure the solar panels are clean

By keeping the surface of the solar panels clean, you need to ensure that there is more surface area for them to absorb the sunlight.  This, in turn, implies that more electricity will be generated.

Dust and other elements cause shading. “Due to shading, the solar panels lose up to 25% of their capacity”, states a report by National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Periodic inspections or using a monitoring service will warn you of any such inefficiency in the solar panels.

Moreover, to avoid shading, you must clean your solar panels regularly. For cleaning purposes, use warm water and soap or use a car wash jet if the rooftop has space.

3. Keep the solar panels cool

Solar panels are made of semiconductors. Semiconductors have a nature to decrease performance with rising temperatures.

That’s why CPUs slow down with overheating. But solar panels can’t be used without the sun, so they evidently get warmer. Therefore, there must be at least 7 inches of space between the solar panels and the roof for natural cooling.

There is a range of cooling equipment available in the market. You can buy one if there is an absolute requirement.

4. The orientation of the Solar Panel

optimize solar panels

To get the most out of the solar panels, it has to point directly towards the sun and make a perpendicular with the rays of sunlight. The solar panels are fixed on the roof while the sun keeps changing position (we all know the Earth actually changes positions, but you get it!).

So to ensure the maximum production of energy, the solar panels need to be oriented with respect to the sun’s movement. For example, during winters in the northern hemisphere, the sun appears to be at a lower height.

This is because the atmosphere during winter is dense, scattering the sunlight. For any solar panels in such regions, less energy is produced at this time.

The Azimuth and Zenith Orientation


Azimuth is the compass angle of the sun as it moves from east to west. It is calculated with respect to the true south and the position of the sun for the Northern hemisphere and vice versa.

At solar noon, the azimuth = 0 degrees, which means the sun is at true south for the northern hemisphere and true north for the southern hemisphere.

Zenith is the angle of elevation from ground level looking up towards the sun. It varies according to the time of the day. Zenith is maximum at solar noon.

The orientation of the solar panels also referred to as azimuth setting, can be done in a number of ways. It varies from place to place.


The Tilt or zenith setting is calculated after the azimuth setting is completed. This is an important factor in determining energy production. The minimum angle of tilt should be 15 degrees and the maximum 62 degrees.

azimuth tilt

It is very important to note that there should not be any shadows over the solar panel while adjusting. Include the surrounding in calculations.

5. Use better battery solutions

Most of the energy produced by the solar panels is not used immediately. The energy produced by the solar panels is stored in batteries.

If the batteries and inverters are not efficient, the whole system loses energy. So, to increase the effectiveness of the solar panels, the storage solution must be efficient. Newer battery systems have better capacities and longevity and utilize the latest technologies to give you better value for your money.

In conclusion

Everything needs maintenance and a little effort on your part. Little efforts, like the ones mentioned above, can yield immense benefits for you.

Employ the above-mentioned hacks, and you will surely feel the difference in your solar panels’ performance.

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