5 Green Ideas for Gift Wrapping

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A lot of paper is wasted in wrapping the gifts presented to family and friends. However, you can control this wastage by making use of green ideas for gift wrapping.

Keeping in point the increasing pollution on our planet, if we can contribute a little by making use of eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas, it can make a big difference.

This post provides 5 cool green ideas for gift wrapping. Again, these techniques of gift wrapping are not only good for our environment but you can also save a lot of money with these ideas. The techniques mainly require a person to reuse the wrapping paper and buy only that wrapping material which can be recycled and thus reused easily.

So here are the 5 green ideas for gift wrapping:


1. Use Newspapers

You can make use of newspapers for packing your gifts. This is more convenient in case the gift is a book or a novel.

You can always tie a ribbon over the newspaper to make the gift look attractive. This way you will be saving the precious paper and helping the mother earth.


2. Use less wrapping Material

Again, try to make use of less wrapping material. Most of the people overdo the wrapping just to make the gift look more attractive. But it is not compulsory that using a lot of wrapping material will make the gift look more beautiful.

Even with limited material, you can decorate the gift nicely.


3. Make use of old items for wrapping

There are a number of old items present in your home that can be used for the wrapping of the gifts. You just need to use a little bit creativity and imagination to utilize the material.

For instance, you can make use of a cloth to wrap the gift. This is ideal in case of gifts meant for babies. In Japan, most of the people wrap the gifts in clothes.

Again, you can make use of the old containers bottles or baby food containers. And the best way to learn these packing ideas is by observation. Simply observe the packing of gifts that you receive and use them as inspiration for new creative ideas.


4. Reuse or recycle

Another green idea for gift wrapping is reusing the packaging material. For instance, you should keep the packing material used on the gifts presented to you by your friends. Later, you can use the same material for packing another gift.

This simple idea can save a lot of paper which is good for the environment. The feeling of being responsible for the betterment of our planet is something priceless.

Moreover, this idea can also save you the money spent on the gift wrapping. Even when buying a wrapping material is necessary, choose a material that can be easily recycled and reused.


5. Children Artwork as Gift Wrap

Another creative and eco-friendly gift wrapping idea is to make use of the artwork of your children for his purpose. This is more practical in case the gift is meant for a family member.

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