5 Best Smartphone Recycling Companies

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As smartphones improve on an upgrading treadmill, the dilemma of old technology comes into the picture. A 2012 Lookout survey revealed that 62% of the American household are hoarding old mobile phones, at which the iPhone constitutes $9 billion of unused devices.

Hoarding mobile phones is not environmentally-friendly. If you want to give up your old devices, here is a list of our recommended phone recycling companies you can consult.

Verizon Wireless Electronic Device Recycling

An upcycling initiative from Verizon, the Electronic Device Recycling provides “a new home for your old devices.” Aside from mobile phones, the company also accepts tablets, laptops, netbooks, and even the mobile hotspot devices, regardless of the mobile carrier.

As you donate your phone, you will be rewarded with an exclusive gift card. The beauty of the service is that once a device is recycled, the company will give a $1 contribution to HopeLine, a program that supports survivors and victims of domestic violence and mischief.

Apple Recycling Program

The Apple Recycling Program is the Cupertino company’s commitment to securing the betterment of the environment. This was their move after a Sustainable Technology study revealed that iPhones are depleting the Earth’s resources.

The company has started to roll out the iPhone Reuse and Recycle Trade-in Program last August 30. Marketed as an upcycling plan, it is applicable to both usual customers and business establishments who wish to purchase a new iPhone.

To achieve this, you need to bring an old iPhone to the nearest Apple store. This will give you a credit in the form of an Apple gift card, which you can accumulate to redeem products.

Earthworks Recycling

In the United States, Earthworks is the only “environmental watchdog” that focuses mainly on the hazards of resource extraction on the environment. Last year, the company announced its initiative to reuse old technology, in the form of the Earthworks Recycle My Cell Phone.

By donating your dormant gizmo, you are reducing the demand of newly mined metals, including conflict minerals. This way, you are able to protect the groundwater from getting rid of hazardous minerals from the landfills.

Mobile Phone Recycling Programme

The Mobile Phone Recycling Prgramme is a joint venture of SingTel and Nokia. From its conception in March 2011, the programme has been providing the means to help their customers give a new purpose to their dormant phones, chargers, and accessories. Committed to helping the needy and preserving the environment, the partnership has recently released a new agenda.

For every phone that you recycle from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014, SingTel will donate $5 to the SingTel Touching Lives Fund, to help the unprivileged children in Singapore.

Likewise, for every phone, Nokia will plant a tree under your name. Similarly, in 2012, the company has recycled a total of 5,000 mobile phones for the benefit of the Philippine Tarsiers.


Faddyfone is one of the fastest mobile phone recycling companies in the United Kingdom. If other companies allow you to donate your old gadget, this company is slightly different – you can sell your gizmo to get a quick cash, regardless of the phone’s functionality.

Aside from the environmental benefits, the remastered gadgets are shipped to developing countries who lack the facilities in mobile technology.

With these companies, the burden of giving your smartphone a second life has become lighter. In fact, it gives you an easy transition knowing that you’ve helped the environment and other people from third world countries. What do you think?

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