New Year’s Resolutions with an Environmental Twist

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The laments of January are – by the same token – locked into its inspirations: I’m talking of course about the New Years’ Resolutions.

Across the planet, people are sore from newly over-worked muscles and the fury of nicotine withdrawals. But sometimes distraction can be a diamond; so why not look beyond the frustration of your waistline and try some earthy resolutions that will make you feel good right now (and are easier than cutting out carbs).


1. Save on Water

Cutting your shower time to five minutes from ten, you can save 5-15 gallons of water PER SHOWER. Don’t run the water when you’re brushing your teeth or washing dishes too and you’re effectively saving thousands of gallons of precious fresh H20 every year.


2. Home Improvements

There are a million ways to make your home more eco, and easily.

You may find it beneficial to use draft guards in windows and doors if you live in a colder climate.

No matter WHERE you live, turn off all lights when you leave a room and use a broom instead of a dustbuster.

When it comes to decorating, try buying “previously loved” items off eBay or Craigslist.


3. Minimize your trash pile

Find a creative way to re-use something you throw out a lot, like food packaging or wine corks; turn glass bottles into vases and save jars for storage.

Invest in a small compost and RECYCLE whenever possible


4. Grow a garden!


5. Greenify Your Workplace

There’s nothing that says you can’t apply the same conscious goodness in a corporate setting.

3 Upcycling Projects for the New Year

Take a walk around your office; are there proper and adequate recycling receptacles? Is the dishwasher being run too frequently?

Talk to your boss or human resources rep about initiatives or ideas you have. After all, there is strength in community and I promise, fitting in 30 minutes of cardio won’t seem so impossible to attain when you feel like Captain Planet!

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