Creative Recycled Storage Ideas for the Home

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There are many fun ways to make your storage both practical and decorative. Here are a few tips to help you save space whilst also saving money by recycling material that would otherwise be thrown away!


Wrap Your Boxes with Newspaper

If you read newspapers daily you’ll have a lot of paper lying around that’s useful only for a day or two. You can bring them to a recycle station, certainly recommended, or you can re-use them yourself to give old boxes a vintage-chic update!

Just cut some sheets down to the right size, stick them on the boxes, making sure they don’t crease. Don’t worry about how well lined up the text is. It looks a lot nicer if the lines of text are just randomly placed on the surface. This might not seem like much, but have a go, you’ll be surprised at how cool the final effect is.

Turn Your Cereal Box into a Magazine Holder

So you have just finished your bowl of Rice Crispies – that’s good news if you have a lot of magazines flying around your house. I know what you are thinking, “How are those two connected?”.

Well, cereal boxes are usually big enough to hold a good stash of magazines. You can just cut them into the right shape, and if Snap, Crackle and Pop don’t really match your luxury decor you can always stick some wrapping paper on and voilà, a pretty magazine box!

Spraying a lunchbox

Photo by L. Marie

Use Empty Bottles Creatively

If you are anything like me, you pile up empty bottles all over the kitchen. They mostly wind up in the recycle bin but you can use them in creative ways, for example to hold your bracelets all in one place.

You could also cut off the tops and use the bottles to hold your pens and other supplies. This could work well also with cans or glass containers too, like those that used to contain your mayo! Again, a little wrapping paper, glue and ribbon will take your pot from drab to fab in no time at all.

It’s Wrapped With a Ribbon, Is It a Present?

So you have a whole lot of boring boxes, all brown and boring or white and bland. Just grab some thick, colourful ribbon and wrap it around some of those storage boxes!

The only limit to the ways to embellish storage and turn it into a decoration of its own is your imagination. You can recycle almost anything, saving money and adding personality to your home. Are there any other creative storage tips you can think of?

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