Tips for buying an Eco-friendly Mattress

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Just about everywhere, it looks like many people these days are purposefully taking steps to have greener lifestyles. We recycle; we reduce and then reuse, have short showers and switching off the lights, turning off the TV set and electronic equipment when nobody is using them. Nowadays eco-friendly, environment-conserving lifestyle have reached out into our sleeping time as well. Buying eco-friendly mattresses is an excellent solution to greening your home.


What is an Eco-friendly Mattress?

Essentially, an eco-friendly mattress only use organic resources like for example an all-natural wool or organic cotton. It eliminates the chemical substances found inregular mattresses that may include petrochemicals as well as volatile organic compounds, which is one of the primary reason why we get rashes or soreness when resting on a mattress.

See, it’s not only the bed bugs and dust mites that are to blame.


Choosing an Eco-friendly Mattress

For anyone who is buying a latex bed mattress, find one that says it has no less than 97 percent organic rubber tapped from woods.

If you are planning for an innerspring mattress, consider one that has a recycled metal for its coils and springs.

At all times examine the mattress if they are genuinely organic; certain companies are likely to mislead the customers into purchasing their regular chemical-ridden mattresses by putting them inside natural external pads, disguising it as organic mattresses entirely.

Don’t choose a mattress that has PBDE’s (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). They claim to be fire retardant and are found in most mattresses. This may short out the flames although; it may also short out your life as this can cause cancer.

Select an environment friendly mattress that was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and it would mean that the wood-made itself was untreated with chemicals.

If you want a mattress that can shield you from fire, pick an all-natural wool mattress.

Earth-friendly mattresses, particularly the woolen types, are often known for their therapeutic properties. It can lessen cases of backaches, as well as those coping with arthritis become much more comfortable.Moreover, it can manage the body temperature that loosens up and relaxes the body system.

We all know that a typical organic mattress may contain latex, cotton and organic wool. However, you can also check some mattresses that contain these natural properties:

  • bamboo –  which is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
  • hemp –  which gives added strength and firmness
  • soybeans – a good relaxant

Don’t overlook babies and small children, since they are more susceptible to allergens.It is essential for them to have a chemical free bed mattress that does not cause respiratory ailments. There are plenty of eco-friendly crib mattresses in the market.A green and eco-friendly crib mattress canprovidesome safety and stability qualities like for example chemical type free waterproofing.

The most endurable mattresses need to befree from dye. Make sure what was used was anorganic dye taken from a natural tree part such as flowers, leaves, berries or nuts.

Carry out a research concerning manufacturers that provide 100 percent natural mattresses. Preferably, buy directly from them on their online stores. It’s advisable to spend more for a high quality mattress compared with paying a little less for a fake one.

If you have already purchased a mattress and found out it is inorganic, it will be hard to throw away money to purchase a new one again. If money is tight, you can instead purchase organic mattress tops. By using this, you can be sure you are resting on a harmful free organic sheet.

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