Creating an Eco-Friendly Bedroom that You Can Sleep Easy In

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The choice to live an eco-friendly life is getting easier and easier every day thanks to all the new technology our society is developing. So if you’re a fan of being ‘green’ and are looking for a way to integrate that into your bedroom, then check out these Mother Nature approved options…


Eco-friendly mattresses aren’t as hard to get a hold of or as expensive as you might think; Keetsa and Pure Rest produce great mattresses that are made in the most eco-friendly ways possible.

Environmentally conscious bed linen is also not too hard to find, just look for pillow and duvet covers that are made from organic hemp, cotton or silk. I would suggest looking for the same material when buying curtains for your bedroom.



When it comes to the floor in your bedroom you can go for hardwood floors, as long as you make sure the wood is FSC certified. Bamboo is also a great option for eco-friendly floors as it’s very renewable.



A number of manufacturers are producing paint that isn’t harmful to the environment, and you don’t have to limit your colour choices just because you want to look out for our planet. An example of one of the many paint companies that are choosing to go greener is Anna Sova, whose paint is made out of 90% food materials.



Eco-friendly rugs are a bit harder to find than the other items I’ve listed so far, but not impossible. While many of the companies that make environmentally conscious rugs are rather expensive, BB Begonia has rugs that won’t hurt your wallet or the Earth. You could try any number of stores, just be sure to check that your purchase is made mostly out of natural fibers.



Shopping for eco-friendly wardrobes is similar to choosing floors; if you’re looking for wood just be sure it’s FSC certified – which means the harvesting of the wood was regulated by a responsible organization.



Looking for environmentally friendly lamps is probably one of the easier parts of decorating an eco-friendly bedroom since LED lights are quite abundant now. Ikea sells some of the cheaper versions of LED lamps, which can be a bit pricey –  but I reckon our planet’s worth it, right?


Do you have any other suggestions for ways to decorate an eco-friendly bedroom?

  • Estelle Page

    Estelle Page is a UK-based interior designer with a passion for all things green. From growing her own herbs and vegetables to incorporating sustainable, eco-friendly materials into her designs for clients, she tries to lead an environmentally-friendly life without compromising on comfort or style.

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