Buying a Home: The Top 5 Things to Look For in a “Green” Property

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More people than ever are interested in buying an eco-friendly home, and for good reason. Green properties can help you cut back on your carbon footprint, lower your power bills and even help your family to live healthier lives. If you have your sights set on purchasing such a home, the following information will help you ensure that whatever you buy meets your needs and isn’t a burden on the environment.



When buying a green home, make sure you know something about the area that it is located in. Are there stores close by, and if so, is it possible to either walk to them or to take public transportation? If they are close enough to walk, are there sidewalks available so that you can safely navigate to the shops? While it is possible to find information like this online, it is best to check everything out in person to make sure you are comfortable with the situation. Once you are ready to make an offer on a home, head out to the neighborhood, park your car, and walk around to get a feel for the area.


Water Use

Carefully inspect the bathrooms and the kitchen. Are the plumbing fixtures water efficient? Also, look for other features that might help improve the water efficiency throughout the grounds. For example, perhaps the landscaping was specifically designed to cut back on the amount of water that is used on a daily basis, or there could even be a system in place for collecting rainwater. Ask your Realtor to highlight these features if you are having difficulty picking them out on your own.

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It is important that the doors and the windows are tightly sealed, to reduce the risk of air leaks. Check out the front door closely. Look to see that it fits well in the frame. If it does, this is a good sign; chances are that other windows and doors have good weather-stripping as well. In addition, be wary of sliding glass doors. They tend to be prone to air leaks, so if there are several on the property, it could add up to a big problem.


Energy Use

If you are serious about a property, get a copy of the utility bills. While a visual inspection of the house will tell you a lot, you won’t get the complete picture unless you see the energy usage over time. Even a home that has a number of eco-friendly features could still be a huge energy drain.



If the home has a number of south facing windows, it should be more energy efficient. Those windows will flood with sunlight, cutting back on your heating costs when the weather is cold. A few trees positioned to the west and south will help you get a little shade in the summer as well.

Green homes are in demand. To ensure that you wind up with a Smithtown real estate property you love, it is important to know what you should be looking for at each showing.

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