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Sadly we live in an ever increasing throw away nation. It is estimated that only 17.7% of waste is recycled in Britain. One item that has great potential to have a long and happy life span is furniture. Furniture is something that can be revamped in order for it to get a new lease of life. Up-cycling old furniture to turn it into something useful is a great way to reduce waste and improve the aesthetics of any room. Below are 5 top tips to get you started on your up-cycling adventure.


Finding Furniture

Souring old furniture and materials is a lot easier than you may think. One great place to start believe it or not is your own home. We often put old pieces of furniture in places such as the garage or loft and forget about them over time. Another fantastic place is classified Ads and websites such as Gumtree. These often advertise furniture for free as long as you go and collect it. If done correctly you could easily redecorate a room with mainly free items and a little elbow grease. Places such as car boot sales and markets are also a great place to source materials. Although they will not be free, you will find some great bargains at minimal costs.



In order to start up-cycling you are going to need some tools and supplies. Try to use stuff that is lying around the house and garage. Many of us will have the odd off paint brush and screwdriver at the back of a cupboard somewhere. You would be surprised the tool kit you can built up form odd bits and bobs from around the house.


Getting your hands dirty

You don’t have to be a master craftsman or a DIY guru to start up-cycling; it all comes down to a bit of creativity and time. There are many fantastic guides online for furniture renovation. One big part to any furniture up-cycling is the paint you use. You can utilise the paint you have in the garage but the chances are this is the stage you may have to spend a little bit of money. Buying good quality paint should be seen as an investment as this could last for many projects. One great tip would be to use furniture oil, which helps to replenish oils that may have been lost through weathering and damp conditions.


A little bit of creativity

The main thing with up-cycling is that it should be fun. There is no set rule to how it should be done or what should be created, therefore let your imagination run wild! There is some great inspiration to be found online from a coffee table made from pallets to a chair made from an oil barrel, the possibilities are endless.


Turn the hobby into a business

Many people have turned their up-cycling hobby into a successful business. The popularity of up-cycling products is increasing and people are always on the lookout for something unusual and not available on the high street. Once you develop your up-cycling skills why not try and sell your creations, you never know, you may have found a whole new career.

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