5 Tips to Give Your BBQ An Eco-Friendly Upgrade


With strange summer weather surprising people the world over we’re all noticing the effects of global warming, making it even more important to be eco-friendly. If you’re planning on throwing any BBQs, first check out this list of how to make your party eco-friendly.

A backyard barbeque is one of the best parts of summer; hanging out with your friends and family in the sunshine, a cool refreshing drink in one hand and a burger hot off the grill in the other.

If you’re a nature lover who’s looking to throw some fun get-togethers this summer then check out this list of eco-friendly supplies!

1. BBQ

There are many paths to take when choosing an eco-friendly BBQ; there are solar-powered or electric grills, or if you already have a grill just swap out the charcoal with a FlameDisk, so you don’t have to burn coal. They are recyclable, renewable and much more eco-friendly.


2. Lighting

I have a slight obsession with faerie lights. I love them. I think they work perfectly anywhere; your backyard, bedroom, living room, kitchen…

Next to candles I’d say faerie lights are the most romantic way to light up a place. Plus you can get solar-powered ones! They charge all day in the sun and then switch themselves on after sunset – effortless ambiance without any cost to your electricity bill or the environment!


3. Paint

If you have a wall or a fence separating your garden from your neighbour’s you can put it to good use; instead of attempting to hide it with large bushes (although that is another green solution) pick up some eco-friendly paint and get decorating.

Grab some fun bright colours like orange, purple or turquoise and plant bouquets of colourful flowers. This will create a stunning party setting that’s perfect for summer barbecues.


4. Water Fountain

A lovely water fountain can be a great focal point in a garden, and with the invention of solar powered fountains you don’t have to worry about footing a huge bill if you forget to turn it off.

The running water adds an air of tranquillity and really highlights the nature around you, plus it attracts birds to your yard and gives them a place to take a peaceful sip on hot summer days.


5. Furniture

Instead of buying plastic backyard furniture, why not go for Mother Nature approved picnic benches? Look for ones that are FSC certified – meaning they were made by a dependable company that is dedicated to responsible forest management worldwide.

As they are 100% wood they are guaranteed to last and are genuinely beautiful pieces of work!