Starting Your First Garden? Follow 6 No-Fail Tips to Create Your Own Oasis

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Some people love to garden. Others wish a garden would just spring up and give them a beautiful place to unwind. Either way, a beautiful garden can be grown without back breaking labor that takes away from your relaxing time.


Test the soil

Soil types can differ from one yard to the next, and even in different areas of the garden. A small soil sample taken from various spots will give the gardener a clear idea of what types of adjustments must be made. Call your local agricultural extension office to find out the soil testing procedures in your area.


Choose the right plants

Beautiful exotic plants may be the perfect compliment to your garden oasis, but the chances of being able to grow them in your location may prove to be more work than you are ready to handle. Even if you are willing to devote the labor, the success rate depends on the environmental conditions that the plant must struggle through to survive.

In order to be able to relax and enjoy your garden, choose plants with care. If the garden lies in the full sun, shade-loving flowers probably won’t survive. The reverse is also true. Native plants have the best chance of thriving in your garden with little extra attention from you.


Plants need to be fed

Plants need nutrition in order to thrive. Depending on the type of soil in the garden, nutrients may wash away without ever getting to the root system. Introduce organic matter into the soil to make it friendlier to the plants need for food.


How much water?

Too much water can be as harmful to your plants as too little. This is one of the reasons that knowing your soil type and adding organic matter to aid in water drainage is so important. Adding mulch to the beds will also help retain moisture and keep the soil cool

If you’ve chosen native plants for your garden oasis, it’s possible that you won’t have to give your plants additional moisture unless the area is subject to a dry spell or extreme heat. Droopy plants are a sign that the flowers need a drink.


War with weeds

Weeds and grass will make your garden oasis look more like a tangled mess. Garden edging can help keep grass from encroaching into your beds and vying for nutrients. A layer of mulch will help keep the weeds at a minimum.


Keep it simple

Unless you’re prepared to hire additional help for your oasis, keep it simple. Before you plant, know how much time and labor you are able to put into your garden and still have time to enjoy the beauty of your well-maintained oasis.

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