Going Green as a Family: How to Get Your Children to Care about the Earth

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Going green as a family

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Small changes can lead to big results. If you and your family commit yourselves to living a green life, you can make a difference for future generations.

It is surprising easy to help children understand more about the Earth and what we can do to take care of it. The following tips will assist you as you begin the process of instilling these values in your children and go green as a family.


Model Eco-Friendly Behavior

If you want your children to put the environment first, you have to do the same. Show them what it means to live a “green” life.

You can turn off the lights when you head out of your property or plant a few trees to increase the shade around your home. Your children, especially when they are young, will want to mimic your behaviors in an effort to be more like you.


Start a Garden

Gardens are a fun way to spend time together as a family, but they are also a great learning tool for children.

Talk to them about how the garden helps you save money each week at the store and also discuss how healthy the homegrown fruits and vegetables are for you.

Getting out in nature will help your children learn to appreciate and love the Earth even more. And, if you stay away from harmful chemicals, your children will see what it means to go organic.


Buy Fewer Toys

Children tend to accumulate a lot of toys, and no matter how interesting something is to them initially, they often get tired of it after a while.

When this happens, use it as an opportunity to teach them the value of reusing items. Get together with some of your friends and engage in a toy swap. Have your child pick one toy that he no longer plays with and trade it for something that one of his friends is offering.

You will accumulate less “stuff” this way, and your children will get to see the value of reusing items first hand.


Read Relevant Books

Head to the library once or twice a month and pick out books about nature, recycling or even bugs. Reading to your child is a great way to spend quality time with them, but it also helps them learn a lot about the world around them.

As your child gets older, make the experience even more fun by letting them research and pick out books about the environment themselves.

Helping your children understand the importance of living a greener life is easier than you may think. You have to go green as a family.

Modeling appropriate behavior and engaging in activities that encourage discussion are often all that it takes to help your children grow into thoughtful, caring citizens that are committed to taking care of the earth.

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