How to Give your Business an Eco-Makeover

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There are many reasons why 2012 is the year to really push for your green credentials; from reducing costs for your business to providing customers with the knowledge that you are doing all you can for the environment. During these tough economic times, businesses must do all they can to keep costs to a minimum whilst retaining customers as well as attracting new ones; it is because of this that an eco-makeover could be the perfect solution. Below are a few hints and tips to boost your green credentials with ease.


Partner Up

If you are aware of an organization in the local area that works hard for environmental causes, why not get in touch with them? Not only could they help you learn a little more on how to improve your carbon footprint, you can also offer them financial assistance or hands on support in the form of team days away from the office, which will be a wonderful way of boosting your corporate social responsibility.


Analyse your Products

Many cleaning products can have a damaging effect on the environment due to the harmful chemicals within them. Consider switching to ecologically friendly alternatives which can now been found in many of the major supermarkets. In addition, try to avoid excess packaging by choosing eco refill packs for your coffee instead.


Refit Responsibly

If you have a refit coming up, whether it’s for an office or a shop floor think carefully about where the new fittings are being sourced from and also where the old fittings will be going. An environmentally aware company will want to avoid as much material as possible from going to landfill which is why you should research the suppliers you are using when it comes to flooring and various fixtures to find out their policy on waste. Organise council collections for large items if possible and offer your old fittings to new businesses if they are in working condition.


Appoint an In-House Eco Warrior

If you know that somebody in the office has a particular passion for green living, why not ask them to take control of transforming your company into a green business by appointing them the in-house eco warrior?! From researching paper wastage within the office to ensuring computers are fully shut down at the end of the day, you could find your profit margin is boosted through reduced energy and paper costs as well as your green credentials!

With more and more consumers placing importance on the impact their chosen suppliers, shops and brands has on the environment, now is the time to be proactive and make a positive step towards a greener future.

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