Want to Live Green? How Clutter Effects Those Efforts

Messy Room

Clutter; The word itself is enough to make you feel claustrophobic. Getting some breathing space by reducing clutter can not only help your well-being and peace of mind, but can also affect your efforts in green living.


Clutter Around Windows

Furniture, nick-nacks and other clutter around windows can keep you from inspecting them on a regular basis. Windows should be checked and old – or worn – seals replaced regularly. Not only will properly sealed windows help you reduce your energy costs, they will reduce your energy consumption giving you a smaller carbon footprint.


Recycle and Donate

A great way to live green is to recycle or donate unneeded items. This will de-clutter your home, reduce your carbon footprint and allow someone else to put those items to good use. Not only that, but you will be keeping all of these items out of landfills.



Let’s face it: clutter collects dust, and lots of it! You can make your home greener and healthier by removing some of that clutter. Storage units are a great place to store items you want to keep but do not want collecting dust in your home. In a twist on recycling, you can even trade out pieces of furniture or decoration from your unit seasonally to make your home feel brand new again. In the long run, you’ll save money and reduce your resource consumption by recycling rather than buying new furniture items.



Old electronics seem to stick around most homes forever. This is because old electronics cannot simply be thrown away. This is dangerous to the environment and would also take up valuable space in landfills. Fortunately, several companies have stepped forward to help consumers recycle old electronics. Contact companies in your area and un-clutter your home while doing something good for the environment.


Tools and Appliances

While working on reducing clutter, it may be worthwhile to check out old tools and appliances. Perhaps it is time to replace some of these with newer, more environmentally friendly models. Many stores accept old gas-guzzling mowers or offer discounts on electric models. Energy star appliances can lessen your environmental impact and save you money in the long-term. New appliances are often smaller and sleeker – making better use of space – which can also have a great impact on de-cluttering.