5 Green Ways to Reward Your Employees with Eco-friendly Gifts

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It may be hard to find gifts for employees. It may be even harder to find eco-friendly gifts for employees. There are ways to give presents that are environmentally safe, pleasing and affordable as long as you have a creative mind. If necessary, make the items yourself. Otherwise, look at five creative gift ideas for your valued employees.

1. Handmade Hammock

There is no better relaxation gift than a handmade hammock. These hammocks don’t cause any harm to the environment, and they offer perfect summer comfort and relaxation. Everyone can enjoy a hammock, especially one that has made no harmful effects on the environment

2. Custom Bags or Apparel

Common employee gifts are custom bags, apparel and similar items that have the company name or image. To make the gift eco-friendly, only buy materials that are organic or recycled. For instance, there are companies that make eco-friendly clothing and tote bags. Check to make sure that the company has an organic certification or some proven recognition of awareness.

3. Gift Vouchers

Gift cards are a great way to make each employee happy without having to use spend time looking for the right gift. Cut the waste by giving gift vouchers to workers. Almost every business provides gift cards or certificates. Choose gift cards to healthy restaurants, eco-friendly fashion stores, and other environmentally friendly places.

4. Eco-Friendly Cups, Glasses, or Water Bottles

Glass is usually more eco-friendly and less hazardous than metal and plastic. It does not leach chemicals into food or water, and the manufacturing is not as destructive. Recycled glass is regularly used to make custom gifts. Custom pint glasses and cups are useful for employee gifts for marketing your company. Get the company logo or name printed across the side, hand them to employees as gifts, and give them to customers to thank them for their business. It’s hard to go wrong with water bottles, cups, or glasses. Most employees and customers are sure to use these items for years to come, which will help reduce the number of disposable cups that reach the landfill.

5. Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

People in the office all need a keyboard and a mouse. How about surprising them with an awesome and environmentally friendly keyboard and mouse made out of bamboo? This keyboard and mouse set is totally biodegradable. It’s also a sleek, modern addition to any workspace. Employees are sure to love this gift.

Employers must be strict with employees sometimes, but gift giving is necessary to show appreciation and be creative. To reward workers, find many gift ideas that allow you to save the environment and remain professional.

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  1. wow…very nice and unique idea for corporate Business gifts given to employees. By giving Eco friendly gifts you can not only appreciate your employees performance but also can take care of environment.I like all the gifts ideas over here.


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