Eco-Friendly Painting Tips

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With all the environmental movements and products out there, it’s evident that more and more people are taking the current condition of our atmosphere very seriously. Worldwide, people are striving to create new eco-friendly methodologies, as many tasks done on this planet can be considered harmful to the environment.

Because of its toxins, painting can be one of those tasks considered harmful. So before you start next painting project, follow these tips to ensure you are painting in an eco-friendly manner:

  • Waste Prevention: Before purchasing the paint, measure out the space you are painting to get the correct amount of paint. One gallon of paint will usually be suitable for a small living area, as it will cover up to 450 square feet of smooth surface. The more accurate the measurement, the less paint that will go to waste.
  • Paint Choice: Although it may cost you a bit more money, use an all-natural or low VOC (volatile organic chemicals) paint. Also, recycled paint can be a useful, more cost-effective alternative. Both are typically offered by any local paint retailer. Biodegradable paint trays and liners are also available, so make sure your paint tray is indeed recyclable.
  • Clean-Up: To clean your brushes, rollers, or any tools used for the application of your paint, use a green soap and rinse with water. Leaving paint on your brushes and rollers is not only bad for the environment, but also bad for your household, as you do not want to constantly breathing in those fumes.
  • Disposal: Under any circumstance, you should never resort to pouring any unwanted or unused paints and primers down the drain. Saving and reusing the paint is always an option; however, make sure the can is sealed properly, and that is placed up-side down in storage. If not, your paint will go to waste. When it comes to disposal of paint cans, before throwing in the trash make sure that it is completely free of any wet paint.

Eco-Friendly painting is not challenging by any means – in fact, it’s quite simple. It will take no longer than if you were to paint without the environment in mind, and will be around the same price range. So, why not paint green?

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