how to make durable plastic twine

Have you ever needed quick access to some rope or twine around the home but not had any on hand? At that point, what would be easier: making a trip to the local hardware store, or taking a plastic bottle from your recycling bin and quickly making your own.

Most people would never consider making their own plastic twine from old plastic bottles, but this video shows you how to do it, along with multiple use-cases for when it can come in handy, and exactly how durable it really is.

Now, this solution may be more geared towards the MacGyver-types out there, and, yes, it does require a heat gun to be completely durable. But regardless of that, it’s pretty cool, and an amazing example of how you can recycle or reuse things in your daily life to cut down on waste.

Would you ever try this method of creating plastic twine at home?

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