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If you’re reading this, you may or may not be aware that your shampoo and bath soap probably contain certain amounts of sulfates, synthetics and artificial ingredients—chemicals that are harmful to our natural environment both during processing and when returning to soil via drainage. But is there a way to get clean without dirtying Mother Earth? Luckily, there are plenty of products out there that answer that question with an organic “Yes.”


skinnyskinny shampoo

This makes the first entry on my list because it was (and is) almost literally on my mind when I was brainstorming my favorite eco-friendly bath products. For those of you who are used to conventional shampoos, applying this product may feel unnatural at first. As opposed to your typical lather-rinse-repeat cycle, you simply “sprinkle” some of the Rose and Black Pepper Shampoo on your hair, wait a little and comb. The entire process takes half the time it takes to shampoo normally, and you feel just as refreshed afterward. Most importantly, the product is made from only organic ingredients (like most on this list) and has never been tested on animals.


Pure and Gentle soap

Pure and Gentle’s funny-looking bars of soap come as natural as they get, free of even dye. Its products are 100% biodegradable and hypo-allergenic. As an added benefit, Pure and Gentle has a long history of environmental success; its been recognized by the EPA for its environmental safety as well as its low impact on the climate (partially explained by its minimal packaging manufacturing process).


Just Soap

Just Soap made it onto the list purely for its unique—and EXTREMELY eco-friendly—manufacturing process. The soap is blended by bicycle. That’s right—soap ingredients are mixed via human pedaling. And of course, the ingredients are organic. Just Soap may have one of the lowest pollution costs ever, and even though its machines are man-powered, its prices are not much higher than average.


Soaptopia bubble bath—also allergy free

Who said bathing eco-friendly can’t still be fun? I ordered one of Soaptopia’s bubble bath bottles for my wife a few years back, and she’s been asking for more ever since. These all-natural sulfate-free bubble solutions will allow you to soak guilt free for as long as you like in the tub. As an added bonus, many of Soaptopia’s products are allergen-free, making it the perfect gift for some of your more respiratorily challenged friends.


Make your own!

If you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

The greatest thing about making your own “Green” soap is that you control everything that goes in, so you know exactly what’s going down your shower drain and into the earth. There are literally hundreds of websites out there that have great recipes for making your own bathing products, so I won’t even bother outlining any specific one. Another huge plus to this method is that it’s cheaper (and cheaper still if you buy ingredients in bulk and make more than one bar!).

Of course, the big drawback is time—some of the recipes you’ll find out there can take up to a few weeks to complete, although most of the time comes from allowing the soap to harden. Still, soap-making with a son, daughter or significant other can be a fun experience, so feel free to make it a bonding activity!

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