Bio Ethanol Fireplaces: Should You Buy One?

bio ethanol fireplace

Many people are attracted to the obvious convenience of Bio Ethanol fires; but as these are a relatively new innovation, some people are unsure as to the benefits of them. They certainly look great and for many, they offer a potential answer to the problem of not having a flue or chimney in situe as they are run in a self contained fashion and do not require vents.

What makes Bio Ethanol fireplaces so great? Firstly, there is the already mentioned fact that they need no chimney; this also means that they do not require any installation. Once you have ordered and received your Bio Ethanol fire, you only need to unpack the box it arrived in and perhaps fit the glass panels which many of them come with as standard.

Bio Ethanol fireplaces burn a clear liquid…Bio Ethanol; this is the natural product of various agricultural left over’s including maize and wheat. The liquid is fed into the fireplace and produces very clean, real flames. There is no risk of dangerous emissions and no risk of fogging up your home with smoke because Bio Ethanol is a smokeless fuel so it is also kind to the environment. There is no odour when Bio Ethanol is burned; it is essentially a form of alcohol….with some chemicals added to make it unsafe for human consumption.

Because Bio Ethanol fireplaces do not require an electrical outlet or a chimney, they can be fitted anywhere in your home that you desire. There are even free standing models which you can move around as you see fit. This frees up your room design as you no longer need to arrange furniture around the fireplace but have total freedom as to where you place your fireplace.

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Bio Ethanol fireplaces produce warmth and also that cosiness which can only be achieved with real flames. If you have children then you will still need to exercise caution in terms of restricting their access to the fireplace as they can get hot! Look carefully at where you place your Bio Ethanol fire because if there are children in your home then you need to keep them out of harms way.

If you would like to add some warmth and cosiness to your home this winter and if you would like to avoid costly installations, then a Bio Ethanol fireplace could be the prefect choice for your home! The fuel for Bio Ethanol fireplaces is not the cheapest fuel around but it must surely be the most convenient. Stored in bottles it is easy to manage and does not involve any heavy, dirty buckets! Chopping wood is not an issue when your fuel is simply poured out of a bottle.

For the chance to enjoy a crackling fire in the long, dark winter months it is worth making the investment and buying a Bio Ethanol fire; if you are worried about fuel costs then it is best to look at this as an addition to your current heating arrangements rather than as a booster for it. Light the fire on special evenings or when things are especially dreary outside and you will add a new element to your lifestyle, not to mention impressing any guests that you may have over.

Ant Langston is a content writer for the Online Home Retail Network and covers a wide variety of subjects from DIY and Barbecue Recipes, to Gardening and Environmental Issues.