A Variety of Trees You Can Grow in Your Garden

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Everyone likes to look at a well-kept garden with fresh flowers and freshly trimmed grass. One might say that a relaxing and tranquil garden is the perfect garden.

Another part of a perfect garden, and one that keeps it green and healthy, is having a variety of trees on show. This doesn’t mean that your garden has to be overwhelmed by massive 20 footers that impose on the natural light. What it does mean is that by having a wide range of trees in your garden you’re encouraging the wildlife into your area and supplying birds and the like with a place to visit.

So, what sort of trees should you look to grow in your garden? Which ones look the best and aren’t particularly hard to grow?

I spoke with a tree surgeon in Guildford called Midgard Trees and they gave me a short list of the most popular and impressive trees for the perfect garden.


The classic but brilliant oak tree makes any modern garden look established and rustic. A newly planted acorn will take quite a while to grow to a decent size, however if you’re lucky enough to have a large oak tree in your garden to start with, don’t ever consider getting rid of it! Oak trees are fairly easy to grow and will do so naturally in a climate that suits it. It’s a classic tree for a classic garden.



Not as big as the oak tree, the willow is normally much smaller in size with branches that spray out at a lower height. It’s perfect for a smaller garden and it’s leaves and branches overhang to create a sort of mushroom shape, which is perfect for a bench and a couple of chairs underneath it to shelter you from the sun in the height of Summer. Birds love to chirp away in these trees!


Ornamental Crabapple

So we’ve seen the classic trees that are many people’s garden, now lets have a look at something a bit more unique.

The Ornamental crabapple has some of the most beautiful flowers and leaves growing off it and because of this, it really brightens up any garden it sits in. It certainly stands out from the crowd and its head turning looks will match perfectly with a couple of nice flower beds next to it!


Of course there are many thousands of different types of tree but these 3 are certainly a good start to your garden.

If you fancy adding more, check online for a wide variety of information on the different types of trees available that match your soil pH level!

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