Greener Camping: 5 Toys to Add to Your Camping Gear

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How eco-friendly is your camping surplus? Yes, even camping gear can benefit from a green perspective in several ways.

This isn’t like the camping of old where Dad would fire up the Coleman propane lantern at night and the propane grill in the morning.

It’s the 21st century, and innovative ideas have brought a sophistication of sorts to the camping environment.

While you might think it takes something from the experience, realize the benefits of introducing an eco-friendly element to your campsite.

1. Solar Kits

portable panels

Although getting out to the woods is a way to get away from technology, there is nothing wrong with setting up a solar array at your campsite for emergency purposes.

A kit takes up very little space, can be used to charge your phone, and has attachments for lights and other minor power needs for $160.

This can easily be assembled and broken down for travel and fits perfectly on top of your RV.

2. Oven Cooking

Using the campfire to roast hot dogs, make S’mores, cook fish, or heat up some chili has a place in the camping experience.

However, you can save propane and firewood by using the power of the Sun to cook your food during the day. Ovens such as the All American Sun Oven from Honeyville can provide enough heat to cook nearly anything you can think of by focusing the sunlight into itself.

These ovens can range from $30 and up depending on the size and materials they are made from.

3. Illumination

Every year, people will fill up several propane tanks to provide heat for cooking and lighting for the campsite.

Instead of using flammable gases that can cause a great deal of problems if improperly used, why not light up your location with a solar charging lantern?

Many of these solar lanterns provide a great amount of light using LEDs and can be operated for up to eight hours on a single charge.

Of course, this will be dependent on the brand you buy. For less than $40, you can illuminate your campsite without even turning on the gas.

4. Flashlights

Walking around in the dark looking for firewood or a place to relieve yourself may require using a flashlight.

Adding a magnet-charging flashlight to your camping gear can save on batteries or the inevitable mess of battery leak corrosion within the housing.

Magnetic flashlights use a capacitor to store power generated from shaking the device, which is slowly dispersed providing a clean method to finding your way in the dark.

These are also a good idea to have in your vehicle as part of your emergency kit.

5. Personal Purifier

Drinking water may become scarce when your out in the woods.

By using a personal purifier such as the PurifiCup Portable Purifier, you can take water samples in your surroundings without the fear of harmful contaminants.

The filtration is conducted by using a “Nano-Silver” membrane, which has been proven to eliminate 99.9-percent of bacteria. This technology is used in a variety of organic cleaning materials and is safe for the environment.

Final Thoughts

Camping is a coveted pastime for millions of people every year. It brings us closer to nature and provides us with the means to get away from the mainstream way of life.

Many people find that recharging their batteries with a weekend in the woods not only eases the stresses of life, but helps bring the family together.

If the allure of eco-friendly camping inspires you to upgrade your adventure, consider investing in new or used RVs on sale that can enhance your experience significantly. These vehicles offer the comfort of home while letting you roam closer to nature.

Why not make that experience a green one as well?

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