5 Things to Consider When Choosing Plants for Your Office

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Adding some greenery to the work premises is always a good idea. There are however a lot of options and factors to consider, so the actual choice of flowers must be made carefully. This article aims at helping with the decision on office plants, by offering some general guidelines and advice on which qualities to look for and which to avoid.

Both studies and practice have undisputedly proven the benefits of having greenery in the working place. The investment in office plants will repay itself by boosting up the creativity and creating a sense of joy and relaxation among the staff. Even more, PR agencies are encouraging the adoption of such practices in the business world with the argument that adding some green to the pubic image of the company helps customers feel closer to it. Terms like corporate flowers and corporate landscaping are gaining popularity with every single day. However, when realizing such an idea, there are a few criteria one must always comply with.

Colors and shapes of both plants and containers

Indoor Plant in Colorful ContainerIndoor Plant in Colorful ContainerJust like the colors of the walls and furniture play a huge role in setting the mood, so will the colors of the plants and their containers. Some psychologists joke that colors are just as ubiquitous as death and taxes and science has proven them right.

It has been established through numerous experiments that people adopt different behavior and reaction patterns in accordance with the color of the environment they are in. Some were even noticed to experience physiological effects like increased heartbeat or unfocused sight. This might be the difference between a calm and relaxed working space and a tense, strenuous one.

The same could be said about shapes. Round and rectangular forms tend to be easier on the eyes, while sharp edges can be somewhat tiring and unnerving.

Sitting and average temperature of the premises

Not unlike people, some plants prefer a warmer climate and lots of sunlight. Others would rather stay in the shades where it is cooler. It is important to know the environment in which the office plants will grow, so the best suitable ones can be chosen. No one wants do work around flowers that are dying because of too much or not enough sun.

Available space and dynamics of the office

It is not just about taking a quick look at where the desks in the office are and deciding where to put a few pots. It is recommended to take some time and observe how the employees move around the premises, to get a good idea of where the plants will not bother anyone. For example even if there is some free space in the middle of the room, it is probably used by the staff to pass from one work station to another.

Corners could be used for putting aside chairs that are not needed at the moment, tripods with working boards on them and so on. Choosing the wrong position could turn the plants from a pleasure to have around into a nuisance.

The windows

How high they are and which side they open to are two things that should not be neglected. Placing the plant in the way of an opening window wing will most certainly lead to both damage to the plant itself and quite a few inconveniences for the staff.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the scent of the plants is very likely to attract bees and other pollen collecting insects, at least on the lower floors of the building. Since no one wants to get stung while working, it will be useful to consider nets or other means to repel them.

Fragrance and blooming of the plants

Except for being a magnet for bees, blooming flowers spraying the air with their sweet scent are something most people truly enjoy. However most does not mean everyone and the few people who do not, also need to be taken into account.

This could be for various reasons, starting with personal preferences to other types of plants, and ending with severe pollen allergies or intolerance to certain types of smells. For these reasons a lot of professionals would office plants with a faint, almost undetectable, fresh aroma and no blooming cycle.

No matter what purpose they are added for, be it to please the employees or impress customers, the positive effects of corporate flowersare clears as day. Every employer can benefit greatly from them, if only he makes the right choices in regards to the stated criteria.

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