Green BBQ

The vast majority of people are inclined to a spot of barbecuing in the summer – or whenever the sun comes out in the UK – which isn’t too often. Sadly, the vast majority aren’t in favour of eco-friendly barbecuing simply because they don’t think it can be done or because it costs too much… Well, hopefully we can shed a bit of light on that and give you a few pointers on how to make your barbecuing endeavours a little bit greener. 

More and more people are turning to eco-friendly alternatives nowadays; whether that takes the shape of a car or the heating system in your house, every little bit counts. With that in mind, we can take that thought and apply it to everything we do – yep, you guessed it – even barbecuing.

Many will be surprised to hear that there are actually ‘green barbecues’ on the market; in fact, you can pick up a solar powered one for around £250. Obviously this price-tag will put many people off immediately, but that’s the price you pay for innovation and a technology that hasn’t been fully mastered yet! If the price really is out of your budget, you might want to consider building your own solar powered grill for a fraction of the price…

If neither of those options really floats your boat, then we have some hints and tips on things you can do at your BBQs to make them a bit greener.


Tips to make your barbecuing events greener

  1. Charcoal barbecues are the least eco-friendly of all barbecues. Therefore, if you have an old school grill, consider upgrading to a gas or electric powered BBQ as these are considerably greener. However, you might be attached to your charcoal burner (passed down from a parent or something) and you can’t bring yourself to give it up… We’re okay with that, but instead of burning standard briquettes, opt for a more natural option or even lump coal.
  2. If the grill isn’t being used for cooking turn it off. Many people leave barbecues on for several minutes between cooking different batches of food; if you have a barbecue that instantly heats up, you can afford to turn it off. This saves you money as well, always a bonus.
  3. Say no to paper plates and plastic cutlery. If you’re having a small gathering, use your own plates (reusable ones) and your own cutlery, it’s not a big deal having to wash up a few bits after the event. If the event is so big that using your own plates is not an option, make sure you opt for biodegradable utensils and plates for the guests.
  4. Recycling is ‘cool’, honest. Make sure you label your bins appropriately and encourage guests to use them; they should happily oblige considering you’re hosting the BBQ! Label the bottle bin and whatever other recyclables you have at the party.

Even if you don’t fork out a big wad of cash for a solar powered barbecue, you can rest assured that the effort you put in to making your BBQ greener is contributing to a good cause. Whilst this isn’t the most comprehensive green barbecuing guide, just be inventive and throw your own eco-friendly thoughts into the mix – it’s more than most others are doing.

Remember, every little bit helps… And if you ever feel like your barbecue isn’t green enough and a solar or gas barbecue is out of your price range, get one of these. Nobody can complain about you not being green then!


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