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We love our cars, no matter what style or how battered they might be, we love them. Apart from our family home, we tend to spend more money and time on our vehicles than any other possession. In recent times we have started to learn about some of the harmful side effects created by everyday driving practices. The cost of fuel has also started to spiral out of control, and these two factors seem to be begging us for a solution. If we start to drive more economically we can kill two birds with one stone. By producing less greenhouse gases we can also spend a little less on that pesky fuel. This article looks at some simple ways to continue enjoying our beasts without adding to that guilt trip.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Before we even depress that gas pedal, we can begin to take that first step to reducing our motorised carbon footprint. If your car is set up to run correctly, it will use less gas and produce less exhaust emissions. Most cars have electronic ignition systems, but we still need to show a little technical love nonetheless. Even though the manufacturers may recommend a 30k service, there is nothing to say that you can’t check your car every 3 or 6 months instead. If you are handy around a car, you can do most of the servicing yourself, but if you are not so sure, you should leave it to the professionals. Just ensure you change the filters and oil and fluids on a regular basis. Arrange for a tune up to get the best out of your car’s engine, even if it is a 1 litre mini marvel!

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 Less Drag Equals More Bucks!

When you look at those racing cars on television, you may tend to notice that they are pretty streamlined in comparison with a typical street car. The sleeker the car is, the less fuel it will use as a result.  If you use a roof rack on a regular basis, it may seem a pain to remove the darn thing. But on a long run you will be forking out extra cash for no reason. If you have a sports car with a fancy rear spoiler, you should think about your wallet first. The spoiler is great for adding more down force in order to grip that road. But the side effect of this activity is the increased use of fuel.

A Weighty Issue

We are all guilty of occasionally carrying too much gear in our cars, but you may be surprised to learn how much more fuel we burn as a result. If you are too lazy to unload that set of golf clubs after a round with the boys, maybe you should take up poker instead! For every 40 kg’s of extra weight in your car, you can reduce your fuel economy by 5 percent!

Driving Cheaply

If you are waiting for some buddies to get their stuff together while you are in the car, turn off your gas and ring on the doorbell. As well as using fuel for no good reason, you can damage your own engine by idling in park for too long!

Think Green!

We can’t all afford to drive around in a hybrid car, nor would we all want to, but you can keep your old beast and still help the environment – Just Be Smart!

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