May Flowers: DIY Garden Accessories

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April showers bring May flowers and you know what flowers bring—bees.

I came across a nifty DIY bee hive tutorial on the Homesteading Self Sufficiency Survival page, and soon found myself deep into an internet investigation of all kinds of do-it-yourself homes and hideaways for attracting critters to your yard and garden.

Bee Hive


As people become increasingly attune to the plight of bees as well as to their importance in the preservation of what sustains us, there has been a boost in DIY beekeeping in both rural and urban areas.

Bohemian Pages

With some basic woodworking skills or inventive re-purposing and a good drill, you’re pretty much ready to add “beekeeper” to your resume.

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And if you’re feeling like a bit more of a design challenge: WebEcoist – 12 Sweet Urban Hive Designs or Wudwerx on Etsy.


Bird Feeder

Ready for a Girl Guide’s flashback? This adorable Moorea Seal tutorial calls for pinecones (or craft store “twig balls,” as shown in the above photo) slathered in peanut butter and birdseed and strung up on branches with cute ribbons or fabric scraps.

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Worm Composting Bin

Composting your food scraps can cut your family’s waste load clean in half, and—gives you the added bonus of tons of free fertilizer for your next crop of garden plants. Adding worms to a compost heap breaks down material more quickly, helping you facilitate the regeneration cycle.

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