5 Best Gadgets to Make an Eco-Friendly Home for Your Family

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Living green isn’t as hard as it might seem. It comes in the little things; recycling your newspapers, taking reusable sacks to the grocery store or just making sure all the lights are turned off in your house before you leave. Making small changes to the way you live will not only save you money on your utilities, it will help you pitch in to save the planet. Here’s a rundown of some great gadgets to help you around the house when it comes to going green:

Energy Efficient Thermostats

In the dead of the winter it’s all too tempting to crank up the dial on your thermostat. Most homes, even newer ones, are not equipped with ventilation systems that work on maximum efficiency. Most work hard to heat the whole house, even in rooms where no one is present. Think about how much you would save if your thermostat could sense when someone was in a room and heat or cool it accordingly. You would never have to worry about expending energy on spaces that don’t need climate control. There are quite a few thermostats on the market now that boast energy efficiency. Installing them should only take a small amount of time. While there is an added cost up front, you will definitely recoup the cost on your future utility bills, and you will probably even start seeing the savings on your next bill.

Shower Timers

Taking a long shower can be a relaxing after a long day, but it can also use up water and gas. Short showers are the way to go to cut down on wasteful water usage. Water is a valuable commodity in most places around the world. Saving a little here and there can really add up in the long run. A timer on the shower can be a not-so-subtle reminder to cut down on the time it takes to wash your hair and clean up. You can set the time for shorter increments or splurge for a little longer bathing, but this timer will help you keep on track and prevent wasting any water.

Eco-Friendly Home Security Products

Keeping your home safe doesn’t have to take a toll on the environment. There are plenty of options that offer less wires, fewer devices, and greener and leaner systems. For home burglary solutions that will keep your house eco-friendly, look for companies that focus on minimizing their carbon footprint. Many home security companies are making a push for green by switching to natural gas service vehicles and recycling old security devices. A few companies are starting to offer away-from-home monitoring systems that let you adjust your thermostat, check on your gas usage, and monitor other goings-on remotely via mobile burglary apps.

Voltage Meters

Ever wonder just how much power you use on a particular outlet? A voltage meter that plugs into the outlet will let you know just how much energy you are using up. All you do is plug in the meter, and then plug in any electronic devices into the meter. It tells you how many kilowatt hours your devices are using up from that outlet. This gives you a good idea of how much you are using and where. You can make a more efficient home energy plan around the information you get from these meters. You may be surprised to find out just how much energy your electronics are using up, even when you’re not using them!

Making a house more eco-friendly doesn’t have to cost a ton or take up your whole life. There are some great gadgets out there that will help you save a little on your bills and save big when it comes to the planet.

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