Top 5 Ways Your Daily Habits at Home Damage the Environment

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Environmental damage has many beginnings including industrial waste, exhaust fumes from vehicles, and littering. It is easy to place the blame on all of these issues in order to avoid seeing the fact that there are other causes. Daily habits that occur right in the home are also great contributors to the negative environmental impact. Here are five ways your daily habits could be contributing to harming the environment.

1. Refusing to Recycle

Recycling is one of the easiest methods people can use to make a difference every day. It is also one of the hardest things to get people to do. It is easier than ever to recycle as towns and cities implement mixed recyclables so that all the items can be placed in one container. It is just like opening the trash can and placing items in it. It only takes a second to keep a separate bin for recyclables and trash, and it can greatly impact the environment.

2. Using Plastic instead of Reusable Bags

The less trash in the junk yard, the safer the environment. Plastic and paper shopping bags are convenient; however, both types end up wasting away in a junkyard. There are many advantages to using cloth bags including the fact that these bags are far less likely to break open than plastic bags. Cloth bags cost a few pennies and they last for many years without the negative impact plastic bags have on landfills.

3. Household Cleaning Products

The habit of buying cleaning products that have damaging chemicals is much easier to change today than ever before. Choose cleaning products with natural, environmentally safe ingredients. The myth that these products do not work as well is unsubstantiated. Remember, the product choices made today will end up in the water and ground tomorrow. Take a minute to look for eco-friendly cleaning products next time you’re at the store.

4. Over Use of Energy Sources

The most common habit that is easy to change is leaving the lights on when no one is in the room. Letting water run while brushing teeth, leaving the television on when no one is watching, and leaving computers on at all times are also big energy wasters. Reverse these actions to make a huge difference in the environment and save money in the process.

5. Insecticides

Using insecticides in the home to kill ants, bees, and rodents causes a great deal of stress on the environment. There are natural, safe products that help eliminate the pests without harming the environment that are just as effective.

Changing a few daily habits can change the face of the environment. Every step people take at home towards a cleaner, healthier world puts it one step closer to healing. Future generations will thank those that took the time to save the natural resources so they will have the same advantages that are enjoyed now.

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