Green Fashion 101: Where to Find Ethic-Chic Apparel and More

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If you’re dedicated to wearing eco-friendly apparel and accessories, a good place to start is figuring out where to find fashionable items that will help save the earth. There are several different brands and companies to choose from and of course each company has their own unique style. Here are a few companies that you should most definitely check out. Wearing ethical and sustainable apparel will help save the environment and make you look ethic – chic simultaneously.


A Alicia

If you’re looking for a quality brand name that creates accessories with minimal environmental impact, look no further then A Alicia. A London based designer, A Alicia makes embroidered necklaces, pom pom necklaces, pins, and more. She uses fabrics such as wool made from fair trade, recycled materials, and organic cotton. She then prints her items using Permaset eco friendly fabric printing inks and in addition uses packaging that is also recycled or biodegradable.


Pop Love

Eco-conscious designs are the way to go and Pop Love goes above and beyond to make sure all of their items are made out of recycled and organic materials. Both designers Shai Wallach and Andrea Hughes desire for the world’s style to support sustainability and that is exactly what they do through Pop Love. Find organic cotton tee shirts, jackets, skirts, and gorgeous dresses on their site.


Simply Wood Rings

Wooden RingIf you’d like to escape traditional metal jewelry and opt for an organic alternative, try Simply Wood Rings. Woodworker Gustav Reyes strives to create wearable sculptures that are eco-friendly and that will also connect with the individuals who buy them. Each ring is made out of re-purposed materials such as salvaged lumber, elements from musical instruments, and remnants from old jewelry, for example.  Enjoy a beautiful hand crafted ring for your wedding and know that your purchase is also helping support the environment.


If you search long and hard enough there are many other sites to be found that offer eco-friendly apparel and accessories that are lovely, wearable, and are a great organic alternative to other fashionable items. So instead of investing in apparel that’s not helping the environment, why not find a few new sites that will quench your thirst for fashion while supporting sustainability? You’ll be a chic fashionista or fashionist(er) and in addition will be able to proudly tell everyone that your look is made from recycled materials and causes minimal environmental impact. Start your fashionable hunt for ethic-chic wear today.

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