4 Simple Ways to Help Your Small Business Go Green Today

green small business

Just because you own a small business and you are operating on a limited budget does not mean that you can’t go green. Going green can benefit your business, reduce your carbon footprint, and also attract a new target market. If you are are looking for ways to reduce your consumption, or you are simply looking for ways to save money in the long run, here are 4 ways that your small business can start to go green.

#4: Identify Waste and Attack It

When you think of waste, you should see money washing down the drain. While you might not think that you are wasteful, chances are that you are paying for things that you are not consuming all of the time. Leaving lights on during lunch, ordering more inventory than you need, or taking several trips to an office that could have been reduced to one are all wasteful actions. Identify the waste and find ways to stop the inefficiency so that you are using fewer resources and spending less money. Look for waste in your kitchen, reporting and paper usage, and use of electronics and energy.

#3: Reduce Commutes to Work and to Meetings

Did you know that one of your biggest areas of consumption is more than likely your commute to work? When you commute, you are consuming fuel, which is a very scarce resource. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by encouraging people in the office to bike, take the bus, or even carpool.

You will also spend quite a bit of money driving to meet with clients. If you are meeting with clients to gauge satisfaction, consider greener alternatives. Meet online whenever you can or make a phone call to reduce your impact on the environment.

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#2: Become a Part of the Cloud

Cloud technologies have changed the way that you keep your files accessible and your business computers online. Today, a cloud marketing tool can help to simplify business needs. If you use cloud-based technologies rather than using software backup programs, you can reduce the time you spend backing up your files and also reduce your energy consumption costs. You can also reduce the amount of paper and printing you use by using cloud services. Keep all of your reporting, analysis, and customer feedback surveys online and in the cloud, and you’ll be helping the environment and saving money.

When you are looking for a cloud-based software system, find a system that works for you. Make sure you cover all your angles, analysis, storage, and customer satisfaction.

#1: Turn Off Your Equipment

When you leave your office, you do not need your monitors and copiers to stay on. More than 10% of your energy bill consists of powering your equipment even when it is on stand-by. Power your equipment off, including your PCs and your copiers, you reduce your energy costs. Turn all lights off and keep unused appliances off and unplugged when not in use.

You need to make efficiency and reduced consumption a priority when you are going green. Consider these the four useful tips, identify areas where you can improve and reduce the waste, and join the movement for businesses to go green. Going green is good for the environment and your bottom line, so start today.