going green at the office

Do you own a business? If so, it is important to begin the process of implementing eco-friendly practices in the workplace.

Cutting down on the waste your business generates can improve your image and save you money as well. Believe it or not, going green does not have to be complicated, either. The following tips will help you get started quickly and easily.


Buy upcycled electronics

In its simplest terms, upcycling is the process of taking a formerly unusable product and making it like new again. If your business needs a new computer, server or other electronic item, search for refurbished products.

They are less expensive, as they are often listed at more than 50 percent off their original price, and they have been tested to make sure they work well. Purchasing upcycled items also helps keep trash out of the landfill, which benefits the community as well as future generations.


Recycle old electronics

Once you have your “new” electronic product, do not simply throw the old one in the trash; look into a recycling program in your area instead.

Donating your old items keeps them from simply becoming trash, and it enables them to be used for spare parts in other projects. In addition, these types of donations can create more jobs and give your business a reputation for caring about the environment.


Use less paper

Cutting back on how much paper your company uses can have a profound impact on the environment.

Start by talking over your ideas with the office staff. Let them know that you want to cut back on the amount of paper printed each day, and have everyone brainstorm short term goals that the office can work toward.

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Couple the paperless initiative with a recycling campaign; any paper that is printed should be placed in the recycling bin instead of the trash. You will be amazed at how taking these simple steps greatly reduces the amount of waste your company generates.


Patronize other green businesses

If you want to broaden the impact of your eco-friendly practices, the key is to work with other companies that are invested in going green as well. By strengthening ties with other organizations committed to change, your reach will be much greater.

It is not difficult to transition your business to a green way of life. Talk through all of the available options with your staff and decide which steps are right for you to implement.

Add one new initiative at a time, and before you know it, you will be on the path to an eco-friendly existence!



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