Start Your Happily Ever After Off Right: Tips for a Green Honeymoon

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Many married couples start their life together with a honeymoon trip, a time to focus just on themselves and their love for one another. Why not turn the trip green? It’s a great way to help conserve natural resources and support the locals in your chosen area. These four tips will help you plan an enjoyable and eco-friendly honeymoon.


Select a “Green” Destination

As you start the process of narrowing down your honeymoon location, see if you can find a spot close to home that you both agree on. The goal is to stay off a plane. Ideally, the location should be no more than a one day drive (car or train) from your home. If you do decide to visit another country, look for a place that has eco-friendly accommodations. For example, in Europe, the Six Senses Spa is a great choice. In the Virgin Islands, Maho Bay Camp is another solid choice. With a little research, you can find what you are looking for, both in terms of the “green factor” and the “wow factor.”


Get Help

If you find the process of planning the honeymoon to be a bit overwhelming, consider using an eco-friendly travel agent. There are a number of these companies in business, and they are easy to find with a simple online search. Just type in your keywords, much like you would do if you were searching for a pest control company or a cleaning service. Look through the available choices, and spend some time on their websites to get a feel for who they are and what they do. These agents can save you a lot of time, and they will make sure that your trip is as green as possible. They also know the best places to visit, and they can match your personality with a trip that will best suit you and your needs.


Support the Locals

When you arrive at your destination, make it a point to eat the local fare and shop at the markets in town. Not only do you show your appreciation to your host city/country by giving back to those that live and work in the area, you’ll also help the Earth. Food grown locally uses less carbon in the transportation process. The same is true for handcrafted, local souvenirs.


Save Oil

If you need to use a car while on your honeymoon, book a fuel efficient rental. There are electric options available as well. Be advised that these cars are rented quickly, so you need to secure one well in advance of your honeymoon. In addition, when considering which activities to try during your vacation, look for those that are not gas powered. For example, try sailing, snorkeling or kayaking instead of hitting the jet ski.

Going green on your honeymoon is the perfect way to stay true to your eco-friendly ideals, even as you begin the next chapter in your life. Use these tips to help plan a vacation you will remember for the rest of your life!


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