How to Save Water & Keep Your Plants Green

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Having a garden can be a great accessory to your home. If your garden is made up of flowers or plants, the beautiful shapes and colors can be a wonderful addition to your landscaping and can brighten up the look and feel of your house. If you have a vegetable garden, the fresh veggies will be a great addition to your meals, and it will also be a great cost savings to you.

While having a garden can be a wonderful addition to your home, spending a great amount of money on water to hydrate these plants can be burdening. Instead of seeing an increase in your water bill every spring and summer, try to use the following tips to help save you money.


Use a soaker hose

Soaker hoses are flat hoses that contain a bunch of holes throughout it. These hoses lie on the ground close to the garden and create a mist to keep flowers and plants hydrated. Soaker hoses are a great way to save money because the mist feature doesn’t use as much water as a regular hose would.

This way, your plants will still get the water they deserve, and you can keep some money in your pocket.


Invest in an irrigation system

garden irrigation system

This idea will be very costly upfront, but it will pay off in the end. Have an irrigation system installed in your yard that reroutes the water back through pipes and back to your plants. This way, you are mostly reusing water, which will not affect your water bill.

If you wanted to go crazy with an irrigation system, you can have one set up to take the excess water from your house, such as the water that runs down the drain during your shower, and use that to fill your irrigation system.

Instead of ending up in a sewer, the water will instead go to hydrating your plants.


Use rain barrels

Rain barrels are a great way to save money. They use the same idea as an irrigation system too, just with less cost involved. You can purchase a rain barrel at the store or you can create your own with a big tub. Place the rain barrel in your yard where it can catch rainfall. Hook a hose up to the barrel, and use the natural rain water to water your plants on a later date.


Use less water consuming plants

There are plenty of plants and flowers available that do not need to be watered every day.

In fact, there are plenty that don’t need to be watered that often. Plants that survive in deserts, such as cactus or jade plants, can go days—even weeks—without needing to be watered. If you really want to save money on watering your garden, you should create your garden with these types of plants.

Having a garden and keeping it healthy does not mean that you have to sacrifice your savings in order to pay your water bill. Using these tools will help ensure that your water bill remains low and your plants remain as gorgeous as ever.

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