Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Solutions That Will Save You Money for Years

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Green home improvement

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No, your mind is not playing tricks on you — it is definitely getting hotter. That’s right, summer is right around the corner, and staying cool is going to be the mission of many residents. But, staying cool this summer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay a fortune in cooling bills. Here are 5 eco-friendly home improvement solutions for your home that will keep you comfortable and save you money for years to come.

Green Insulation

Green insulation provides the most energy-saving benefits to your home. Green insulation works to deflect electromagnetic waves, meaning your home will resist heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter. Your electric bill is certain to decrease dramatically with this eco-friendly solution!  Plus, most companies will not charge you for the removal and disposal of your current insulation because the new insulation is simply installed over your existing insulation. Talk about being green and saving money!

Solar Power

Solar panels on houseAnother way to reduce your home’s energy costs is to install innovative and cost-effective solar powered products. These products also prevent heat from infiltrating your house during the summer and escaping from your house during the winter. Plus, there’s no need to worry about the transition from your current energy source to solar electric power because your home can use power from solar energy when it’s available and revert to the standard power grid when solar electricity is not available.

Solar Water Heater

Energy costs are always changing, but a solar water heater can help protect your home and save you money. A solar water heater will also help preserve the environment, making it another ideal “green” addition to your home.

Solar Carport

A solar carport is the ultimate way to kill two birds with one stone. You’ll get shade for your car plus energy for your home generated by the sun.

Solar Carport


Energy Efficient Windows

With energy efficient windows, you can stay cool inside your home without going broke and still enjoy the summer sunshine. Everyone knows how hot the summers can be, especially in the South. Installing energy efficient windows will allow less of the heat inside your home, in turn, giving your air conditioner a break and saving you money.

Eco-friendly additions can enhance the aesthetics of your home as well as your wallet. In addition to those benefits, making a greener home allows us to rely less on foreign fossil fuels and instead use renewable solar energy. These kinds of eco-friendly products are beneficial in the heat of the summer as well as the winter. After all, the sun is there, why not use it?

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  1. Summer definitely is just around the corner, and it feels like we didn’t have much of a spring! The 5 energy saving tips you refer to will certainly save you money for many years to come, but one other area that not too many people take in to consideration is their roof. The next time you need a roofing job, maybe a total replacement, or you are building a new home, you can definitely save money in the long term by installing a metal roof. It will cost you more than asphalt, but it is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly it absorbs a lot less heat, and therefore can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.


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