Green Spring Cleaning Kitchen

With Spring quickly approaching, the time is right to start preparing your kitchen for a makeover.

Welcome in the beautiful sun and fun that every spring brings with it. Here are 4 steps to make sure your kitchen reflects the warmth and vibrancy outside.


1. Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning brush

The first rule of your makeover should be pretty obvious. Spring cleaning is vital to making sure your kitchen is as fresh and renewed as the flowers sprouting up.

Make sure you clean the counters and appliances. Go through the cupboards and throw away those out of date cereal boxes, spices that have changed colors and everything in between.

Replace your refrigerator’s water filter with one of these, upgrade outdated or broken appliances, and give the stove a proper cleaning.

Nature has had all winter to rejuvenate, all you need is a well spent weekend.


2. Organization

kitchen open space

Once you’ve cleaned the kitchen, make sure you’ve created an open and free space to work with. 

Regardless of how clean a kitchen is, too much clutter causes a “stuffy” feeling and that’s exactly what you want to avoid.

Try to maximize working space by freeing up counter tops from unnecessary clutter (that might be a nice blender, but when was the last time you used it?).

Take advantage of overhead shelf space, organize cooking and eating utensils, and remember to keep things you use often close by and accessible.


3. Embrace Nature

kitchen flowers and plants

After a good cleaning and proper organization, add some touches of nature in your kitchen to bring a livelier, fresher feel.

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Strategically place some fresh flowers on the island or in a nice corner of the counter top.

Consider growing some fresh Basil or Cilantro by the kitchen window to add to recipes. They smell great and are a great way to add freshness to spring dishes and some extra money in your wallet.

Find ways to bring in some natural light by opening windows and/or replacing those dark blinds.

Keep the kitchen as light and “fresh” as possible. Mother Nature has been working hard to provide those pretty lilies and that warm sun, be sure to invite them into your kitchen for that fresh Spring feel.


4. Lighten Up (Your Colors)

kitchen light colors

Consider changing the color scheme in your kitchen to reflect what’s going on outside.

Think fresh, light colors like light greens and blues. Orange and yellow will help add more “warmth” too.

You could also change up the artwork in your kitchen.

Look for similar color schemes and lighter designs. Watercolor paintings are a nice touch, as are more abstract (but light-hearted) pieces.

Think about adding a mirror or two, placed in a good spot to reflect any natural light. This will help brighten up the room and even add a sense of openness and space.


There is no better time to give your kitchen a well-deserved makeover than Spring. Revitalize the heart of your home with a clean, fresh start just the way Mother Nature intended.


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