iBamboo iPhone Speaker

1. Bamboo iPhone Speaker

iPhone speaker docks like the one pictured above are all the rage, but use a lot of electricity. So why not considering using a natural iPhone dock that uses no electricity whatsoever? Bamboo speakers can naturally amplify music from your iPhone or iPod without electricity or electronic amplification. While it may not be as loud as a pair of electric speakers, bamboo speakers are perfect for small spaces and an eco-friendly substitute to electricity or battering hogging docking system.

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2. USBCELL Battery Charger and Rechargeable Batteries

USBCellDisposable batteries no longer have to be an unavoidable fact of life if one has the USBCELL rechargeable battery charger on hand. Disposable batteries are toxic and contain heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead that often leak into the soil causing significant environmental concerns. With the USBCELL battery recharger, a user can simply charge his or her batteries while using a computer and inserting the charger into the USB slot. Batteries generally charge to 90% in approximately five hours.

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3. Siphon and Pump Grey Water Kit

Greywater SystemIt is well known that as the earth’s population increases and the environment changes drastically and unpredictable due to global climate change that water is becoming a much more precious resource. As supplies of fresh water dwindle, one way to preserve precious water resources is to recycle water through a grey water system. Using this simple siphon kit, it is easy to recycle bath water and use it for other purposes like watering the garden or flushing the toilet. To use the kit, one inserts one end of the hose into the source of water such as the bath tub and then uses the pump to begin the siphoning process. Once the water begins to flow then water is siphoned to a pre-determined location. The only drawback is that the end point must be lower than the beginning point otherwise the water will not siphon properly.

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4. Freeloader Solar Charger

Freeloader solar chargerAs solar powered peripheral chargers are becoming more popular, improvements in design and construction are making them a much more practical option to the average user. The Freeloader Solar Charger is fully charged and ready to charge most peripheral devices after only five hours of charging the device battery on a window sill or other sunny location. The device then can be used anywhere to charge electronic gadgets while a user is on the go.

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