How to Turn Your Garden Into a Peaceful, Eco-Friendly Refuge

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Life is stressful enough without looking outside to your garden and witnessing a messy and wild patch of land. Keeping it trim and tidy means you have a perfect place to go and relax during a nice summers evening.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands and thousands of pounds creating the ultimate oasis though. There are many little tricks and tips you can do to your current garden that can not only improve it, but also turn it into a place of relaxation from the stresses of the world while keeping it as eco friendly as possible.

We spoke to the property website The Move Channel about some of the most interesting features they’ve seen while selling property and here are some of the ideas they told us.

Light the way

I’m sure you have some lights out in your garden, but have you thought about using them to create a much nicer atmosphere rather than just creating light.

Using different colors and brightness can create some nice effects while adding subtle tones and contrasts. Lighting up pathways and walkways is also a good idea and can create a nice scene when the sky is dark.

Don’t go over board though. You don’t need 20 different colours all pointing towards the sky all at once otherwise it’ll feel more like a rave than a nice serene place to relax!

Having plenty of lights is a good thing but to make them more eco friendly, why not go for solar powered ones instead of the standard lights. They’ll save electricity and limit energy wastage.

Water Features

It’s common for a lot of people to like the sound of rain falling outside, especially while they’re trying to sleep.It’s relaxing for a lot of people and the sound of water features in a garden sort of mimics this sound on a smaller scale.

Small fountains and water features not only add to the general scene of the garden but they add a peaceful and relaxing sound. Add to this the sound of birds chirping at 7pm on a Saturday evening and you’ve got yourself a beautiful scene.

Adding water features is also a great way to attract animals and nature to your garden and helping out the environment in that way. You could even add a bird feeder next to the water feature for some food for the birds!

Swing it

This doesn’t mean you have to fully invest in a set of swings like you used to play on when you were younger, but adding a chair or a sofa that gentle swings is actually really relaxing on a warm evening.

You can even branch out and get a fully suspended hammock if you fancy lying horizontal. Either way, having an easily accessible chair or sofa swing is a great way unwinding.

These are just some of the routes you can down if you’re looking to upgrade your garden but not spend millions in doing so in an Eco-friendly way. After all, there’s no better feeling than sitting in a peaceful garden on a nice summers evening with a barbecue on the go!

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