How to Eliminate Bathroom Mildew and Soap Scum without Toxic Cleaners

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When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, many people feel they have to use products that contain chemicals in order to truly get rid of the dirt and grime. However, it is possible to clean in an eco-friendly manner, if you stay on top of the process.

By spending just five minutes a day maintaining your bathrooms, you can remain committed to your green ideals while still making sure that your bathrooms stay in tip top shape.


Close your shower curtain

Always pull your shower curtain closed after you get out of the bath or the shower. If you leave it pushed off to one side, water can get trapped, causing mildew and bacteria to form.

Also, run your bathroom exhaust several times a day, including after you take a shower, to help reduce the amount of moisture in your bathroom.

Finally, pick up a cloth shower curtain and a liner that allows air to pass through. Using a plastic liner could cause phthalates to be released into the air, which can have an effect on hormones.


Dry your tub after use

water droplets

Keep an old towel in your bathroom. When you are finished with your bath or shower, simply dry off any wet areas that you see with the towel. This will help prevent mineral deposits and soap scum from forming.

Once you are done cleaning, shake out the towel and put it over the side of the tub so it is able to dry properly.


Avoid store-bought cleaners

If you find a spot of mildew in your tub or on your toilet, you still don’t have to resort to chemical cleaners. Try making your own solution, one that is not toxic.

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You can combine liquid hand soap and baking soda, and use it to clean your bathroom. The combination of the two items will create a paste, and when used in conjunction with a sponge, it should take care of any problem areas that you find.


Solve problems organically

If you find that roaches, ants or other pests are invading your bathroom, find a pest control company or store-bought products that specialize in natural treatment methods.

In addition, if you do purchase bathroom products from the store, look for organic companies that advertise non-toxic or “green” ingredients. There are more of these businesses now than ever before; you can find tissues, cleaners and even shampoos and conditioners that do not have the nasty chemicals in them that you are trying to avoid.


It is possible to have a clean, chemical-free bathroom. Spend a few minutes in each bathroom, every day, and implement the tips mentioned above. You will find that that you can avoid mildew and soap scum and still maintain a cleaner, greener household.

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