DIY Dryer Sheets For Your Home

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DIY dryer sheets

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Making your own dryer sheets might seem like an impossible feat. It also might seem a little weird if this is your first DIY cleaning product project. You might even think it will take too long to do. But fear not! They’re easy to make and you probably already have ¾ of the ingredients you need in your laundry room right now. It’s also a lot cheaper than buying boxes of dryer sheets every couple of months. Here’s how to make budget and environmentally friendly dryer sheets:

You will need:

Any kind of fabric you want. Small, thinner washcloths are perfect for this project. Or you can buy different fabric depending on your preference. Cut them into small squares, or however small your store bought dryer sheets are. If you don’t want to cut up or use your nice wash clothes you can purchase some cheap ones at the dollar store.

Fabric softener. This doesn’t have to be homemade, but if it is, more power to you! However, any store bought softener will work just as well.

Water. Bottled, tap, distilled. Whatever you have, it will work.

A Tupperware or other storage container with a lid. You’ll use this to store your sheets. It has to be sealed completely to keep the scent fresh. Gladware, or any recycled container would also work for this. Just make sure that the container completely locks to avoid leakage.

You’re halfway there! All you need to do now is gather your supplies and mix them together. Here’s how:

Put your fabric into the bin you are going to use to store your sheets. Mix about 3/4 fabric softener and 1/4 water. Seal the container with its lid and shake to mix all the ingredients together. That’s it! Easy, right?

Whenever you’re ready to dry a load of laundry, pick a washcloth from your container, wring it out, and throw it in the dryer and push start. Once your laundry is finished, you simply throw the sheet back into the container to use again. You don’t need to wash it. It’s really that simple!

DIY dryer sheets are great to make when you are on a budget or you just want to save money for something that can be easily made. These sheets also last much longer than a store bought box. Not to mention, your clothes will smell fresh and your home will be more environmentally friendly.

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