Curtains to Cushions: How to Reuse the Old at Home

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Curtain cushions

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Upcycling’ and reusing are big trends right now. Yet whilst they might be great for the environment and cheaper than buying new products, what if you want to chuck out that old dresser because, well, you don’t need a dresser anymore?

Instead of simply refurbishing your old items and reusing them for the same purpose, why not turn them into something else entirely? Your old dresser could become a sink for example, or a very quirky table!

Here are 5 DIY ideas to repurpose and reuse in your own home…


Curtain cushions
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Curtains to Cushions

With such an expanse of fabric to hand, you could create all manner of cool household items with an old set of curtains – teatowels are a great example if the fabric’s right. My favourite project though has got to be cushions which are super simple to make so perfect for the beginner crafter.

Simply cut your curtain fabric to size, lay the pieces together with the decorative sides facing in, sewing around three of the sides and most of fourth, turn it inside out, pop your filling of choice inside and hand-sew that small gap closed.

This is a great project to try if you’re taking your curtains down because the pattern is too bold or busy – what looks overpowering on a large expanse of space such as a closed set of curtains can look so much more chic when used for small finishing accents such as cushions!

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Picture Frames to Mirrors

When I moved into my new home the walls were adorned with boring prints of the kind you find in budget hotels, which I obviously took straight down.

The frames however were lovely and instead of simply replacing the prints with photos of my own, I popped down to my local DIY store to get sheets of mirrored glass cut to just the right size to fit inside the frames!

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Dresser to Sink

An old-fashioned, bathroom vanity unit is rarely cheap, but instead of splashing out on a deluxe vintage reproduction, why not turn a nice old dresser into one? You’ve got the basic structure already so all you’ll need to do is cut a sink-sized hole in the top and hide the plumbing away inside!

If you still want to be able to use the unit’s drawers (they’ll need to be sealed shut otherwise) why not opt for a ceramic bowl-style sink that sits atop your unit, with only a thin pipe needing to be run down inside at the back of the drawers.

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Shower Curtain to Tablecloth

If your shower curtain is grimy and covered in mildew (and a cool-temperature wash with baking soda doesn’t clear it up) then you don’t want it near to the place you eat! If however it’s still in good condition, this waterproof fabric is the perfect choice for an easy-to-wipe tablecloth!

Trim and hem the edge where the hooks or holes for the shower rail are and spread over your oak kitchen table! For a fitted, made-to-measure look, add pintucks or ribbon gathering at the four corners.


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Tables to Shelves

If you have a bunch of small tables you no longer want, why not create a funky stacked shelving solution with them?

It’ll take a bit of work but the finished effect is definitely a major conversation starter! Saw your tables in half lengthwise, sand them down and repaint, then stack them up in any way you choose and fix securely to the wall!


Do you have any more great ways to repurpose and reuse in the home?

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  1. some very interesting ways on reusing curtains and cloths in other ways instead of merely disposing them.
    Doing so will help keep the environment safe and also give your home its own unique kind of charm.


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