5 Steps Towards a Greener Office

Green Office

We live in increasingly energy conscious times. As a result businesses come under pressure to make the day to day functioning of their company as sustainable as possible. From simple email footnotes that read – do you really need to print this email – to switching off computer terminals and plug sockets at the end of each day, there are a multitude of ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.


1. Reuse and Recycle

Many companies leap to recycling which is by no means a bad thing, however take a moment and think whether some of the materials might be reused first? This is wholly dependent on the nature of your business but is worth pursuing in order to streamline your recycling and minimize over all landfill. Recycling is becoming easier and easier. Most office blocks now have to have a system in place and even if yours doesn’t, it’s very easy to purchase some cheap bins and label them, paper, metal, plastic.


2. Tech to Reduce Energy Consumption

Before you invest in energy saving bulbs and new fans try pulling up the blinds rather than turning lights on and open the windows to get some air into your office. Lighting accounts for about 30% of power consumed by offices so cut your utilities bills by switching lights off. Energy saving light bulbs are an excellent investment, switch from incandescent to fluorescent and you’ll not only make your office greener, but you’ll save your business money too.

Energy saving computers are becoming more affordable whilst retaining high performance levels. Manufacturers such as Dell, Sony and Apple are all investing research and development time into advancing their eco range of computers so you don’t have to sacrifice processing power for sustainability.


3. Mobilize Your Workforce

Mobile workforce solutions can benefit many industries, such as trade services. But this technology is also being implemented in forward thinking offices and revolutionizing departments such as IT, human resources and finance. Paper based procedures are being streamlined, employees are able to work remotely, and mobile applications allow for dynamic date capture so that information can be recorded and accessed from anywhere in the world.


4. Save Water

Year on year offices use colossal amounts of water but if employees can get into the mindset of using a little less every day then massive amounts can be saved. Whether it’s simply from filling up the kettle to the exact amount needed therefore saving both water and the energy used to boil it, to encouraging the owner of the office to install timers on taps and urinals, as well as duel flush toilets, which save 6 liters of water per flush.

5. Turn that Switch Off

The majority of electricals, think computers, laptops, phone chargers and stereo systems, have a sly standby mode so even if they’re switched off they will still be consuming electricity and siphoning energy even when not in use. Turn them off at the source too, at the plug socket to ensure there’s no energy being used by some seemingly dormant equipment. Over the months this will not only make your office greener but it will cut your bills dramatically too. The boss will love that!

Banner photo by Rupert Ganzer