Environment Aware: 6 Changes You Can Make That Make A Difference

going green
Photo: Susan Smith

Every household can make a difference in the rapid pace of global warming by making a few, simple changes. For the most part, these changed also save you money along with saving the environment by reducing the amount of energy you need for a comfortable lifestyle. Here are six changes that will make a difference:


1. Weatherproof your home

Check your windows and doors for leaks and caulk and add weather stripping as needed. Add insulation in the walls and roof where required. Great Canadian Roofing and Exteriors recommend having thermal imaging done to your home to help find the leaks.

Metal roofing Calgary is another way to save energy for those who need roof repair or are constructing a new home. They can be a more durable roof for your home and help keep the heat and cold in and out of your home.


2. Save water

A few ideas for reducing your water use are:

  • Turn the water off while you soap up in the shower and while you brush your teeth.
  • Use soap, which is less polluting than shower gel
  • Fix dripping taps immediately. Water can damage your walls and floors
  • Turn down the water heater or switch it off if you leave home for a few days
  • To save hot water, wrap a fiberglass blanket around the water heater and secure it with duct tape

These ideas can seem small and insignificant by themselves, but adding them together or even just over time you will start to see a difference in your home and bills.


3. Transportation

  • Ride a bicycle whenever possible and install an electric motor on it for long distances and hills
  • Use public transportation or carpool as often as possible
  • Buy a hybrid car, scooter or motorcycle


4. Food

Becoming a vegetarian will definitely help, especially if you grow some of your own food and buy local produce. However, this isn’t for everyone, but you can still buy locally and use only organic products that are not grown or manufactured with toxic chemicals.

This will not only help the environment, but help your health a great deal as well. There have been a lot of issues with the ways large corporations process our foods, if we support our local farmers and vendors we can help change the cycle that food is run through.


5. Paper products

Post-consumer, recycled paper products including tissues and toilet paper are available and will go a long way to reducing carbon emissions because the paper industry is the third greatest contributor to global warming emissions.


6. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Make sure any wood products you buy including birdhouses, garden furniture and hair brushes are made with FSC wood. This insures that the wood is from sustainable forests and has not been grown or the product manufactured with toxic chemicals. It also protects the wildlife in the forests.

It is easy today to greatly reduce the impact you have on the environment with just a few simple changes to your lifestyle. You will not only reduce your carbon footprint, you will also reduce your energy bills.