Low Flow Bathroom

Installing energy-efficient plumbing fixtures is an easy way for homeowners to improve their environmental impact as well as save money. Even though many people are aware of the problems that are associated with the over consumption of water, many have no idea that there is something that they can do about it in order to address the issue on a personal basis. Following the WaterSense program is one proactive approach that offers a full range of benefits in a cost-effective package.


What is the WaterSense Program?

The WaterSense program is an innovative approach created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that labels items that are more efficient for the home and garden, making it easy for consumers to save water and protect the environment.


Updating Your Bathroom Fixtures

Renovating a bathroom or kitchen is an easy job that most homeowners can easily accomplish on their own with minimal effort and labor expenses. In the bathroom, a dual flush toilet is a great option that conserves nearly half the water as traditional models. These products are especially designed for concerned families who care about the planet’s future. In addition to dual flush models, low-flow faucets and an aerator are minor improvements that reduce consumption by a considerable degree. For homeowners and renters who are located in urban areas, the expense of water is a major concern that is easily reduced with a low initial investment.


Reducing Water Consumption

Taking a daily shower is a ritual for most Americans, and a low-flow showerhead is a great choice for large families who are pressed for time and hot water during their hectic mornings. The latest models are especially designed to provide the same amount of coverage with a fraction of the total water usage. A low-flow showerhead is also easily installed and comes with a wide range of material choices to ensure it meets the style and decor of a particular room. While smaller baths are ideal for low-flow faucets, customized master bathrooms work better with finely detailed models that even include a dual low-flow showerhead that provides plenty of water and covers a larger area.

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Planning and Implementation

Because the installation of a comprehensive WaterSense program requires planning and foresight, prepared homeowners are usually more successful and finish their projects on time and under budget. Most fixtures are easily connected to existing plumbing supply and return lines, and the labor associated with the installation is minimal. Starting the project simply requires the right-sized fixture that threads into existing PVC or copper pipe. After the connections are made, it is essential to seal the job and double check for any leaks that may occur. With a few easy-to-follow steps, an old bathroom is quickly transformed into a modern oasis that protects the planet while saving money and valuable natural resources.

Embarking on a modern home improvement project is a great option for homeowners who can protect their water supply while ensuring a stunning new master bath that reflects the latest interior decorating trends. A host of stunningly designed faucets are readily available, and most are compatible with an aerator to improve water quality and reduce the chances of pollution. In addition to faucets and fixtures, many homeowners choose to take advantage of a dual flush toilet that serves multiple purposes. These models are an easy way to save money and water because they only flush during certain situations. Low-flow faucets are also optional and are an ideal way to finish a complete makeover with modern style and matching fixtures.


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