How to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

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Energy-efficiency is all the rage these days. Not only is it good for the environment, but it actually can help businesses save a bundle on the costs of day-to-day activities. Although there are hundreds of ways to make an office energy efficient, some methods are better and more cost-effective than others. If you want to make your office more energy-efficient, try some of these simple solutions that can maximize energy use and save you a bundle throughout the year.


Cloud hosting

You may not think of it as being energy-efficient, but cloud hosting is actually one of the most energy-efficient steps you can take in an office. If you host your own servers and hardware data, you have to provide the storage space for the hardware, the temperature control to keep the data at optimal temperature, and house your own IT staff to manage the servers day and night. If you use cloud hosting, the server company manages these tasks for you. This can save money on storage space, reduce energy use, and reduce the number of employees inside your building throughout the day. This means you can completely shut down the office at night, saving on nighttime energy costs.


Energy-efficient products

Another way that a business can become more energy-efficient is to use energy-efficient products. There are hundreds of products for offices that can help you do this. Steps like switching to recycled products for the bathroom and break room, switching out incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient bulbs, and covering windows with heat-blocking curtains in the summer can really go a long way toward improving the energy efficiency of your office.


Sharing office space

Another way that an office can become more energy-efficient is by sharing office space with other companies or employees. Sometimes called colocation, this practice allows several different smaller companies to work together in the same office space. Typically, freelance workers and small businesses use this space-sharing technique the most, but there is no reason why other small companies cannot take advantage of the energy-saving benefits that this practice can bring. Companies can share expenses and energy, maximizing the use of the space and energy.


Use Energy Star rated appliances

Many office buildings have older appliances and HVAC equipment that can really place a drain on energy use. Modern appliances are up to 80 percent more efficient than models that are 10 years or older. This means that it is possible to save up to 80 percent of the energy used by your company by switching to new Energy Star rated appliances and HVAC equipment. You may be surprised at how much energy switching appliances can save.

All in all, there are a variety of methods that an office can implement to increase their energy efficiency and thereby reduce costs. Just implementing a few small changes can make a difference in the impact your office has on the world and how much money is spent each month. Introduce a few changes at a time, and within a few years, you will have a highly energy-efficient office space that maximizes the use of the energy consumed by daily business practices.

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