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You don’t need to be a die-hard environmentalist to lead a green lifestyle. Follow these guides and you and your family can go green in your everyday lives.

Eco-friendly summer gardening

How to Plant the Eco-Friendly Summer Flower Garden of Your Dreams [Infographic]

Eco-friendly summer gardening is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding types of gardening, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. By picking the right summer flowers to brighten up your backyard, you’ll be able to empower yourself to have the most vibrant summer garden possible. Here are five of the best Eco-conscious full sun perennial flowers that will withstand the strong summer heat.
Eco-friendly vacuum cleaner

5 Features of Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaners

While there’s no such thing as a “zero carbon” vacuum cleaner, there are many features you can look for to reduce the environmental impact of your next vac. Here are five of the most important features to look for.
Eco-friendly home updates

5 Creative Eco-Friendly Updates Your Home Needs This Summer

Going green is a great way to exercise creativity and preserve the environment. It also provides children an opportunity to learn about responsible/sustainable living. Here are five creative green updates to consider for your home this summer.
Eco-friendly shopping tips

10 Eco Friendly Shopping Tips

When it comes to the way you shop, there are many ways you can help the environment and minimize your carbon footprint.
improve indoor air quality

Improve Indoor Air Quality with These Simple Tips

The air quality in your house can be more contaminated than the air outside, even in big cities where there is more industrialization! With most Americans spending nearly 90% of their lives indoors, shouldn't you at least consider the quality of air you're breathing? These tips will help you get cleaner air at home.
grow avocado tree

How to Grow an Avocado Tree from Seed [Infographic]

Whether you're spreading it on toast, mashing it for some guacamole, or even using it to make some healthy pancakes, avocados are a staple in many of our favorite snacks. So, what if you could grow your own avocado at home? It's actually easier that you think. This infographic walks you through the steps.
is watering plants with softened water good or bad

Is Watering Plants With Softened Water Good Or Bad?

Whilst softening hard water will likely benefit you and your household, the same can’t be said for your garden. In fact, watering your garden, plants and soil with softened water is actually detrimental to their health.
solar installation

5 Things You Should Know About Solar Panels Before Installing Them in Your Home

Solar panels are an energy saving home power solution that can help dramatically reduce both your power bill and your carbon footprint. Installing them is relatively simple. Here are important factors you need to consider before installing a solar panel system in your own home or business.
Eco-Friendly lawn

How to Have a Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Lawn

While some prefer to dump nasty chemicals in their yard to keep it looking good, that's hardly environmentally-friendly – not to mention, safe for pets and kids. Here are a few suggestions to take the strain out of mowing, and produce a lawn to be proud of, with time to enjoy it.
carpooling benefits

The Environmental & Economical Benefits of Carpooling

When carpooling, you drive yourself and a few others to the same destination instead of each person taking seperate cars or mode of transport. As for the benefits, they extend beyond saving money and protecting the environment. Learn more in this article.


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