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You don’t need to be a die-hard environmentalist to lead a green lifestyle. Follow these guides and you and your family can go green in your everyday lives.

solar panels off-grid

The Beginner’s Guide to Going Off-Grid

It is vital that we as individuals play our part in saving the environment by each minimizing our dependence on fossil fuels. Here are some simple, environmentally-conscious tips to get you started with living off-grid.
are candles bad for indoor air quality

Are Candles Bad for Your Home Air Quality?

Have you ever had a stuffy nose after lighting a candle in your living room? Or felt an itch in your throat after breathing in a scented candle?  These could be a reason for concern and the topic of our discussion today.
saving energy at home

Saving Energy on All Seasons [Infographic]

Most homeowners know that saving energy is a great way to save money, however not many know all the secrets to it. Incorporating energy-saving habits into your routine can...
Environmentally-Responsible Gardening

Water Saving Tips for Environmentally-Responsible Gardening

Whether you live in an area with abundant fresh water or drought conditions, every drop of fresh water is precious, and should never be squandered. By following these water conservation tips, you can water responsibly and maintain a healthy lawn and garden.
natural gas safety tips at home

Natural Gas Safety Tips and Leak Symptoms at Home

Today we highlight tips and tricks to help you identify a gas leak and give you a few safety tips so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Even a slight mishap can traumatize you for life or burn down your house, so better safe than sorry!

How to Insulate Your Home to Conserve Energy

Increasing the thermal insulation in an existing home doesn’t have to be difficult, and the financial payoff can be substantial in the long run.
10 Most Eco-Friendly Colleges

Top 7 Most Environmentally Friendly Colleges in the U.S. 2021

Due to climate change, protecting the environment has become a major priority among universities. There are lots of Eco-friendly colleges out there, some recognized globally for their conservation efforts. Here we place some best ones from among those. 
low-waste lifestyle

10 Simple Sustainable Ways to Adopt a Low-Waste Lifestyle

Going low-waste isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Don’t believe us? Here are 10 simple, sustainable ways you can reduce your trash output and embrace a low-waste lifestyle.
make your home Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Discover great tips for adopting Eco-friendly practices without sacrificing the look of clean lines and minimalist design that are popular nowadays.

5 Urban Gardening Basics

City life does not have to be drab and grey! Urban gardening trends can offer a taste of the green prairies – but with a lot more style and much softer hands. Here are five ways to keep nature thriving in an urban home.


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