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    You don’t need to be a die-hard environmentalist to lead a green lifestyle. Follow these guides and you and your family can go green in your everyday lives.

    How to Compost at Home

    Composting allows you to turn waste into nutrients for your plants and gardens. Learn how to compost and what should and shouldn't go int your compost pile.
    Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

    10 Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

    With summer comes sweltering heat and creeping AC bills. The heat doesn't have to overwhelm you. Here are some eco-friendly ways to keep your home cool this summer while keeping the power bills in check.
    how to lower energy use

    10 Ways to Lower Your Energy Use While Working from Home

    Working from home can cause an increase in your energy usage. Here are some creative and practical ways to reduce your power bills while working from home
    small garden designs

    Small Garden Design Ideas

    Small gardens are compact, cozy, and inspiring. Learn the pro tricks that will help you create a thriving garden in your own backyard.
    zero waste lifestyle

    How to Live Zero-Waste During the Coronavirus

    What is a zero-waste lifestyle and how does it help combat climate change? Learn how you can reduce, or eliminate waste during the COVID-19 lockdown
    Earth Day

    Get Involved for Earth Day, April 22

    If you're looking for some ways you and your family can take part in Earth Day celebrations, consider some of these simple outdoor – and indoor – activities you can do to live more sustainably.
    non-toxic vs toxin-free

    Non-Toxic vs Toxin-Free: What’s the Difference?

    Is there a difference between non-toxic and toxin-free? It depends on who you ask. Here's the explanation of what those non-toxic and toxin-free labels mean on your products
    earth day kids

    Inspire Your Child on Earth Day with these Green Living Tips

    If you're interested in raising an environmentally-conscious child, here are some simple, kid-friendly ways that will help your child get a great start – and just in time for Earth Day!

    5 Tips to Better Wash Fruits and Veggies: Advice and Precautions

    Store bought veggies and fruits are safe to a certain extent. However, the possibility of bacteria and remaining pesticides are still there, enough for us to be concerned. Here are a few things that we should all keep in mind when it comes to handling vegetables and fruits prior to consumption.
    health hazard

    5 Health Hazards that Could Be Hiding In Your Home

    With a close look at these five potential hazards, homeowners can keep themselves and their family as safe as possible, dramatically reducing the chance of health problems resulting from unhealthy or environmentally damaging situations.


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