Guest Author Guidelines

We are always interested in hearing from guest authors, and having contributors offer guest posts for Greener Ideal.

We ask any potential contributors to please review our guidelines below before submitting your article for review.


Length: Guest articles should be between 700 to 2,500 words.

Topics: Our content is focused around environmentalism and living sustainably. Our readers are interested in articles that help them ‘go green’ with actionable tips, or that offer insight into current news and trends. Your article must add value for our readers.

Originality: We are only interested in original ideas, or new takes on a topic. To ensure your idea is original, search the site. Submitted articles must not have been published elsewhere, and must be owned by you.

Quality: Your article should cover a topic in detail, and be well-written. Poorly-written articles with grammatical and spelling mistakes will not be published nor edited by our staff.

Sources: Your article should be based on research, facts or experience. If you make a claim or refer to a statistic, include a link to the original source. We do not accept articles with links to low quality sites or blogs.

Avoid Self-Promotion: We do not publish advertisements disguised as articles. If your article is overly self-promotional, or uses spammy SEO practices, we will not publish it.

Byline: We will include a short bio at the beginning of your article with a link to your website and social media accounts.

Note: We reserve the right to include advertisements and affiliate links around the article. We do not accept articles that contain other affiliate links.


If you are happy to follow our guidelines, please submit your guest article pitch.

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