Ever Tried a Superfood Latte? [Infographic]

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Superfood lattes have garnered a lot of buzz online, due in part to the fact that they tend to be awfully photogenic. Those bright green matcha lattes and gorgeous golden turmeric lattes are almost enjoyable to look at as they are to sip.

But that’s far from the only reason to start your day with a superfood latte in hand.

For example, a turmeric latte may offer health benefits like reduced inflammation and muscle soreness, better controlled joint pain, and less skin irritation, while a maca latte can help reduce depression and anemia, lower blood pressure, and regulate hormones.

Other options, like matcha and taro lattes, offer plenty of perks of their own, so whether you opt to whip one up at home or need help picking out the right superfood treat at your local coffee shop, this handy graphic will help you better understand what’s in them — and how they may be beneficial to your health.

Consider the superfood lattes in the infographic below from Quill.com to add color and energy to your mornings:

superfood-lattes-add color-and-energy-to-your-morning

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