The Benefits of Casein Protein Powder

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Ask any #fitness enthusiast, and you will realize the importance of supplementation post-workout. Most people consume whey protein, which offers many benefits – most notably, an increase in muscle hypertrophy. These benefits have been well-documented over the years.

Most people consume protein after a workout and believe that whey protein is the only form, as well as that it requires a tight timeline for it to be consumed to receive its benefits.

But did you know that there are other beneficial types of protein? In this article, we explore the many benefits of casein protein and explain how supplementing with casein protein powder can power up your workouts and help you achieve your #healthgoals.


What is Casein protein?

Casein protein is the protein found in curds of milk and is in contrast with the most popular supplement, whey. Unlike whey, which is absorbed fast, casein protein is slowly absorbed by our body and has popularly earned the name ‘the bedtime protein’.

The protein is best consumed before bedtime as it provides your body with a slow-releasing source of protein and energy over an extended period of time.

Casein and whey are considered to be two different sides of the same coin. While one is fast absorbing and best suited for after a workout, the other is slow-absorbing and best suited for before bedtime.

There are two forms of casein protein, namely micellar casein and hydrolysate casein. While micellar casein is the most natural form of casein protein, hydrolysate casein is a partially broken-down protein that allows quick absorption and digestion.


More about Micellar Casein protein

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When casein protein is separated from the whey, lactose, and fat in the milk, it results in micellar casein.

Do you remember the rhyme from your childhood, ‘Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet’? If you jog back your memory to this childhood rhyme, you will notice that Miss Muffet is eating her curds and whey.

In this context, the curd is micellar casein. The rhyme was first recorded in 1805, and the importance of the casein protein was well-recognized back then as well.

Casein and whey come from milk. While whey, the liquid part of the milk, marks up to nearly 20% of the total protein, casein, the curd, accounts for the remaining 80%. Casein is a protein that consists of five different types, namely alpha casein, beta-casein, gamma casein, delta casein, and kappa casein, and micellar casein consists of all five types.

Micellar casein is sourced from cow milk. It is a dairy protein with a rich spread of amino acids that is necessary for muscle growth or muscle protein synthesis. It has a natural globular structure with all five of the casein types and accounts for 80% of the protein found in milk, while the remaining 20% is whey.

These proteins are called micellar as they naturally aggregate into micelles when consumed in a watery medium. The removal of even one of the caseins, or even modifying one, destroys the natural micelle protein.

As whey has been dominating the health supplement market, casein protein has fallen under the radar. Understanding its benefits can help you understand why the slow-absorbing micellar protein can help you improve your health.


What are the benefits of casein protein powder?

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Supplementation is an important part of a fitness enthusiast’s diet. Though they are not necessary, they are vital if you want to speed up the process.

While many people still continue to consume the most popular source of protein, whey, Micellar Casein has been gaining more attention recently as the best source of protein supplementation.

Here are some of the reasons why:


You can build more muscle

Did you know that muscle growth or muscle repair not only happens within hours of exercise but at all times? Your body starts to repair itself in an anabolic state or while resting as well.

An infusion of protein supplements to support the ongoing process is considered vital to building more muscles. That’s where casein protein powder comes in!


It lasts longer in the immune system

You spend nearly seven to eight hours in bed, sleeping, and during that time, your body’s natural muscle-building and repair process continues. Your body effectively runs out of other forms of protein, such as whey, within four hours of consuming them.

But casein protein lasts longer in the immune system and offers better protein synthesis throughout the night.


Improves strength and endurance

The secret to achieving faster muscle gain without any side effects on your health is the use of a supplement that offers strength and endurance as well. Micellar casein protein supplement offers greater strength and endurance along with better muscle gain, improved resistance training, as well as improved metabolic rate.


Other benefits

Some of the other benefits offered by micellar casein include the following.

  • It offers a better fat balance as it improves the body’s metabolic rate
  • They are effective in reducing as well as preventing the effects of enamel erosion in your teeth.
  • They aid in improving bone health
  • They are a healthy alternative to binge eating


Final Thoughts

Micellar casein protein powder is an excellent supplement that helps you reach your muscle-building goals. The high-quality protein aids in building muscle mass while maintaining a lean physique. It is the best solution to increase muscle hypertrophy.


How Casein Protein is Made

How Casein Protein is Made

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