6 Things to Do with an Orange Besides Eat It

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Oranges are delicious.  They are one of the most mouth-watering, healthy fruits on the planet and are filled with necessary vitamins your body needs.  But what you may not know is that oranges, besides providing high dose vitamin C, can be used in many other ways besides a healthy treat for your taste buds.  Here are 6 things creative, out-of-the-bos uses for one of America’s favorite fruits.


 1.  Use as an Air Freshener

Place your orange peels in a cooking pot along with some cloves and boil them for a wonderful-smelling scent you can pour in a jar that you can display throughout the house. Or you can toss them down the garbage disposal, which will release a fresh scent that way as well.


2.  Use as an Insect Repellent

Insects don’t like the citrus smell of oranges. Thus, applying orange peels over your skin can repel mosquitoes. Or if it’s ants you’re looking to keep away, you can blend some orange peels and a cup of warm water and pour the solution around the base of your house. This handy and natural “green” solution will repel ants without killing them or harming your plants.


3.  Make a Scented Bath Oil

When orange peels are dried, they can be made into a homemade bath oil. Take an empty wine bottle, some orange peels and combine them with cranberries and olive oil and cork the bottle. After a few weeks, you’ll have created a fresh-scented and skin-nourishing treat for the tub.


4.  Protect Your Plants From Cats

Rubbing orange peels once a month on the leaves of your house plants and putting some of the orange peels on the top surface of the plant’s soil will keep cats aways. Much like insects, cats don’t like the citrus found in the fruit.


5.  Start a Winter Fire

Dried orange peels can be used as kindling to start fires inside of fire places. The oil inside of the peels are flammable, thus enabling them to burn longer than paper does.


6.  Household Cleansers

Limonene, a carbon-based compound which makes up about 95% of the oil found inside of the orange peel called limonene, is often used in household cleaners and gives the cleaners a citrus smell. You can use the oil found in the peels along with olive oil, soap and water, to create your own natural, chemical-free cleanser.

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