Oh Bai Bai! Natural energy drinks made from coffeefruit

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bai drinks

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My name is Jessica, and I’m an addict.

I’ve been a caffeine junkie since I was 13, and I won’t tell you how many years that’s been but I will say that I’m at Lohan levels by now.

Still, as delightful as a warm cup of joe is in the winter, this addiction hobby can be less than such in the summer months, when downing hot drinks in hot weather seems more like cruel fate than comfort.

That’s why I was tickled to discover bai drinks, which use the outside of the coffeefruit (as opposed to coffee, which makes use of its inside) blended with fruit juice to give a refreshing, super punch of energy when you need it most. Founder Ben Weiss’ spent 15 years in the specialty coffee business before stumbling upon the secret of the coffee superfruit casing in the growing fields of Indonesia; in most major coffee production, this casing is normally thrown away.

According to bai’s website, local farmers in coffee-growing regions such as Indonesia and Sumatra have long been using coffeefruit to make high-energy food and beverages; but until very recently, the shells were left in growing fields because they were too delicate to process and transport. Now, new technologies have allowed for the means to share coffefruit with “bai-lievers” around the world.

Bai makes use of the previously-discarded shelling of the coffeefruit and sucks out its bounty of anti-oxidants, to add to delicious concoctions such as Brasilia Blueberry, Costa Rica Clementine, and Malawi Mango. Coffeefruit extract delivers the antioxidant value of two pomegranates or 169 blueberries, and each bai bottle contains 70mg of caffeine – an amount similar to that found in a cup of green tea.

So put down the Redbull and say “oh bai bai!”

bai drinks



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