Eat Green: 5 Natural Ways to Curb Your Junk Food Cravings

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Ooey-gooey pizza, greasy and cheesy French fries, and decadent hot-fudge chocolate brownie sundaes are delicious but empty calories. Junk food is hard to resist for most of us. When your craving for junk foods takes over, it will affect both your mood and your weight loss goals. So it is important to take control of your cravings for these unhealthy foods. To help you get started, here are five natural ways to curb your junk food cravings:

Set Limits

Restricting yourself from every single junk food that comes your way may be too much to ask for yourself. Start off with small limits like no soda or no artificial sweeteners, and then add the rest of the junk foods one at a time as you feel ready.

Indulge in Real Good Treats

Allowing yourself to indulge in small cravings every day to avoid the feeling of deprivation will only heighten your cravings for the junk foods. When cravings strike, forget about the low-quality junk foods and indulge in small treats with healthier treats, which are made of rich and real ingredients such as lower fat ice cream or a dark-chocolate-covered strawberry. These foods will make you feel more satisfied with only a few bites, which means eating less sugar, fat, and calories.

Look for Healthier Alternatives

If you think that eating just a little is not possible, whip up some healthier alternatives of your favorites such as low-calorie desserts. Instead of potato chips and French fries, choose baked tofu squares. Also consider making something like an all-fruit smoothie with juice instead of drinking a soda. Look for healthier alternatives when your sweet tooth kicks in. They are out there. You can look for healthy, natural appetite suppressant such as drinking water before a meal or a natural appetite suppressant from a trusted nutritional company.

Set a Goal

Whether you have a wedding coming up or a big trip, using the power of a goal as a natural appetite suppressant can help you keep your cravings for junk foods at bay. Every time you crave for a bag of chips, think about how good you will look and feel in a bikini on your summer outing.

Change Your Old Habits

Sometimes, there are certain places, events, or habits that will kick your junk food cravings into gear. Identifying what triggers a craving can help you avoid it and form new, healthier habits. If you are used to picking up a coffee with an icing-covered scone at a local café, start making your own cup of coffee at home with a piece of whole wheat toast. Or if you are used to reaching for a pint or cup of ice cream when watching late-night TV shows, start making yourself a bowl of fruit and Greek yogurt. Over time, these new routines will take over the old habits.

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